Saturday, November 09, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

October 29, 2019

After years and years of the photos being out, the royal is just now saying that photos with him and the underage girl and also even one with the pedophile are fake. He must know a world of hurt is coming from that European country.

Prince Andrew/Virginia Roberts Giuffre/Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell/France


ccryder said...

Hard to fake a photo before the digital camera age, douche canoe.

herbert arnold said...

@ccryder, same can be said for the "deep fake videos" we've been "warned" about. even if they arent on vhs once analysed it will be easy to tell real from fake. #frazzledrip

Thia said...

@herbert - every time I see a "news" article about how we should all be worried about deep fake videos, I think of Epstein and this site. They are just prepping the world for whatever is about to come out.

momo said...

I know someone who told me he was shown a video of a pope in the past engaged in something sick. He said, even then, he doubted its veracity. THe fact that he was shown such and by whom was the real question for me. His family is and was VERY connected, like going on trips with presidents and vice presidents connected.

Don't believe your lying eyes. Hear, speak see no evil I guess?

Gator said...

Tell me again why Maxwell hasn't been charged?

J said...

He's a prince you jealous peasants.

Sd Auntie said...

a fat ass prince at that.

Gator said...

Yeah, a real prince in a family of inbred, horse-faced sponges.

hothotheat said...

They can't find her? Don't have jurisdiction to go and arrest her if they know where she's at and she's out of the country?

molly said...

Wish for a DNA test to see if Andrew even is a prince. Does not look like any other royal.

Monkeyweather said...

Also Hillary and Obama are telling everyone that WHEN (not even "IF") video footage comes out of them doing very bad things it must be a "deep fake".
Despite the fact that this technology does not exist (alterations and manufacture of all digital media can be detected by the same technology that created it).
Plus - a lot of the footage is said to be on videotape. You will be able to believe the evidence of your own eyes, no matter what Hillary and Obama try and tell you.

AussieBlogger said...

I'm still very concerned about Miley Cyrus in pics with Epstein. No wonder she's so effed up.

Studio54 said...

Hey Brits, YOUR "Queen" gave the middle finger to all of Epstein's victims, all sexual assault victims, and women everyone by placing her sorry brat Andrew right in the front row, where he always is, despite being under criminal investigation in France.

Right wing women, like the Queen, are always the biggest enemies of women who earn their money and have careers of their own, that are not "entitled." She is fully complicit in the coverup regarding Andrew, probably leading it.

Redcaz said...

Not my Queen, I can assure you.

molly said...

Yes.....your queen. Of course, the royals cover up for pedophiles. Jimmy Savile was knighted and best buds with prince charles , remember? BBC , govt. network like our PBS, covered for him for decades. If this were a puzzle , we could put the pieces in place.......time for reality. Same for US, different kind of royals, but still.

BRAD PITT said...

@ momo

a video of a pope in the past engaged in something sick

what was it ?

BRAD PITT said...

@ molly

don't forget Thomas Hamilton

Daemon said...

I have to follow up to CCryden..

Pick up a history book. Josef Stalin made a hobby out of editing people out of photos he didn't like or killed. He did it to a freaking cosmonaut. Faking photography has been around as long as bullshit English faeries and ghosts.

"Hard to fake photos before digital photography" my ass.

SkullChimpyCheese said...

@momo I was never a fan of Malachi Martin because he pulled his punches ... stripping the scandalous plots of their true character. (The sex scandal is over 85٪ male on Male ... just like the altar boy jokes that really aren't that funny). He was compromised himself but a "lesser evil" hetero anomaly where the inner ring sorts of the allegedly homophobic hierarchy are concerned.

When I befriended C. Edward Harle (aka Christopher Story) in DC decades ago, he not only still kept a wallet photo of his dear friend Martin, we had some long talks about all that Martin had told him.

The most succinct thing I remember is Martin's averring there was human sacrifice available any night of the week in NY if you moved in the right circles and were into that sort of thing. Probably explained his eyes in the photo ... fearfully sad and strangely meek.

I'm a notorious buzzkill so, especially after studying his eyes, I figure he knew the truth: his fiction was not only allowed to be published it was *designed* to "register the vein" with the hetero cohort before the sex scandal was exploded in earnest to divest innocent Catholics of their common property, complete the invitation of State into Religion and scandalize the already protestantized flock out the pews.

Having been subjected to the "spirit of II" both as a Catholic and a student of secular revolution, I'm confident you'll find the greater, more precise evil in the Church. Quality, not quantity, yes?

From his Detroit "Call to Action" event Pius VI attended:

It is as if from some mysterious crack, no, it is not mysterious, from some crack the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.

June 29, 1972 homily

This ain't rocket science.

Better to look to the "unified theory" of the predators we paperclipped in to direct our national biology education (BSCE) if studying the "directed evolution" of genocide and related programs of dehumanization necessary for transhumanism's Great Leap.


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