Friday, May 22, 2020

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind Item

Back in ’93-94, I can’t recall the exact year, I was earning extra money by working nights at a grocery store deli in my town.

One night, ten minutes to closing, I’m starting to clean up together a head start on closing, and I notice a woman (who I summed up as a secretary who was stuck working late) looking at the prepared meals in the side case. I asked if I could help her. She said no, that it was almost closing time for me, she didn’t want to interrupt my work or keep my late.

I told her because she said that, anything she wants, is hers. She was the first, and from my memory, the only person that perceived what it was like on my side of the counter. I would have fried a chicken for her if she asked.

She was really sweet. We commiserated on our long work day, though she didn’t tell me where she worked, I just assumed she was from the business park across the way.

I got her some fresh goods instead of that stale stuff that’s really meant for the employees to grab for lunch- mostly leftovers- and she smiled, thanked me, wished me a good night,  and went to the cash registers.

After cleaning the deli, I bought some groceries, and was at the cash register telling the clerk how genuinely nice my last customer was, when I looked at a magazine in the rack, and said, “Hey, that’s her!"

“Yeah, she came through my register. She was really nice.”

(B+ list celebrity offspring who is an Oscar winner/nominee and a celebrity offspring. )

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