Monday, May 18, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Got Him - A House On St. Charles Blind Item

It is rare that when I reach out to the source for the St. Charles items that they actually reply. It is usually a one way street. I was reaching out to them to see if they knew anything about the mysterious death of an Ambassador in Israel. I was told they don't do anything in Israel, ever. That means they probably do. In their reply, they also shared something interesting which is that this A+ list movie director who is an Oscar winner/nominee and not named Spielberg had been under their thumb for decades. Apparently the director had a reputation, even decades ago for having sex with anyone he found interesting, whether they were old enough or not. It was so easy to catch him with someone underage and even after they confronted him and he started doing favors for them, he never stopped his behavior. It continues to this day. They really never used him for much other than some low level recruiting. They brought him up though because apparently he has been filming pre-made short films instructing people what to do in case of an electromagnetic pulse. They were not quite sure how he got roped into doing it but suspect the powers that be for the government also caught him doing what he shouldn't have been doing and forced him to make these films. They have been generating them like crazy. Is it preparation for what is happening on the sun right now or is it to use that as a cover for a man made generated one. The last one shut down the world for two days. Now, it would devastate it, especially if it happened now.

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