Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Old Man

Back in the day, this permanent A+ list musician had to pay a lot of money to several women who accused him of filming them in various states of undress without them being aware. Those settlements were made public. The settlements which were not made public were those he made with parents of teens he sexually assaulted. Sometimes they were not even in their teens. The musician said it was just "the cost of doing business." He always picked tweens/teens from poor backgrounds. They were most susceptible to his charm and 90% of the time never told anyone what he had done to them. When he did get called out, often it was because he impregnated one of the tweens/teens. He would give the family $1,000 or sometimes a new car and they would go away happy. I bet there must be a hundred people out there that are his direct offspring, if not more. This was not a one time a week thing. He did this dozens of times a week and would often take a handful of them on the road with him when he toured.

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