Thursday, May 21, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Teddy Boys In Tinseltown

I promise to never again use the word Tinseltown, but had to use it once because it made the title better. That is the only good thing about the blind. There is nothing else that can be called good. There are a group of producers and directors in town which I presumed to be small, but actually numbers a couple of dozen who are actively trying to make sure that people of color are not represented behind the camera. According to a former member of the group, these directors and producers feel as if they are losing opportunities that were once their exclusive domain. They modeled themselves after the Teddy Boys in London and several of them even have built in knives in their shoes. What apparently decided to make them actually form a group was the success of this former comic actor turned producer/director/writer. They then saw the same kind of thing happening with other projects and apparently felt threatened as insecure old white men often do. They are completely ignorant, but what worries me is they have followers. I assumed it would be a handful of guys and not the couple of dozen who regularly gather at the home of this permanent A+ list director who is an Oscar winner/nominee. I could see him hosting it for sure. There is also an A+ list action director who is in the group and an A+ list art house film director which shocked me the most until I realized how lily white all his casts are too. This needs to be exposed, so this will be revealed. 

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