Friday, May 22, 2020

Four For Friday - A Little Help

I have never been shy about letting you know about this A list mostly movie actress and how she slept her way to the top with the disgraced producer. Have you noticed how her downfall mirrors his? Anyway, in addition to sleeping with the large hairy man, she also used her fame to find women who would sleep with him. I went back and looked through years of notes and found he did the same thing with multiple other actresses. My guess is in addition to wanting to make him happy, it also got them out of sleeping with him. So, who else gave him a little help? All of the below at least reached A- list.

#1 - Foreign born alliterate actress
#2 - Foreign born actress who is really well known for other aspects of her personal sex life.
#3 - Foreign born actress who married higher up than the producer.
#4 - Actress who is right now A+ list but still doesn't have any Oscar nominations. 

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