Friday, October 08, 2021

Blind Item #12 - Reader Blind

This foreign Oscar nominated A+ actor who in the last decade or so who has gotten more associated with a specific genre of film including a film that had several sequels  had an unusual experience as a child. He was visiting a body of water in his home country and he saw something unusual. There is a similar phenomenon in another body of water in the same general part of the world that is is much much much more famous. As a result, searching for this phenomenon became a hobby for him as an adult as it is found all over the world.  It was  something he used to enjoy doing with his now deceased A list wife as well as part of expeditions in between films.  Some years ago, in this very large country, he did find conclusive proof but what he found was hostile and dangerous and five people were killed and expensive equipment was destroyed. The story was covered up by the country's government. Now if he visits that country the local security services follow him around to make sure he doesn't try that again but he is trying to get back to that spot to see if he can catch or produce conclusive proof about what he found. 

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