Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Spy

 Knowing what I know now, I am sure there must be a dozen or more spies scattered throughout the entertainment industry. This one only came to be known because this permanent A list actress who is an Oscar nominee/winner shared it with her relatively new boyfriend after a little too much wine. The actress says that from time to time she is told which part she needs to take or turn down. She is asked to go on dates with people, which is why she was telling her new boyfriend. She had lied to him about where she was one evening and then with some wine, got some courage. She is often asked to spy on people or go to events and report on behaviors of people. The purpose is to give information to a group of people. She doesn't know everyone involved. She only knows her for a lack of a better term, handler. It is this one named permanent A+ lister. It has been going on ever since the actress was in crisis mode after an accident that really tarnished her image and if not for a quick coverup about her being drunk, could have resulted in jail time. The A+ lister was there and paid for the legal team and also for the crisis PR people who worked for nearly a year on it. Of course there had to be pay back, and that is what the actress has been compelled to do for two decades.

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