Friday, October 08, 2021

Blind Item #13 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood

Those borne after the Boomers would probably remember this deceased TV comic/host ,whose name was not the name he was born, as a fixture on various daytime shows of a certain type and from voiceover work. He also did radio but those a little older would remember he was actually sort of an unpredictable edgy character. The show(s) he had were aimed at a very impressionable audience and he once got in trouble for telling his impressionable audience to do a specific act towards those in authority.

In real life, he was also an eccentric character with a penchant for bizarre prankish behavior. An example -an overweight friend had complained for some time that he could not lose weight. The TV comic invited him over  to his house, drugged his drink and chained him to a wall in his basement .. For the next several months ., he kept him as a prisoner and only served him healthy food in small portions. When he released him, the friend did not call the police as he was happy to see he had lost almost 30 pounds.

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