Monday, October 04, 2021

Today's Blind Items - She Won't Tell

 This foreign born actress is A- list. All of you know her. She is an Oscar winner/nominee. A couple of decades ago, she got into a real mess which I wish had been filmed. She was bouncing around from project to project here in the US, but wasn't getting anything solid until this permanent A list movie director saw her in some television special. It wasn't a big role, but it got her into the bed of the director who was producing a movie. He ordered the director of that movie to fire an actress and give the role to the actress he just hooked up with. That role and casting couch led to her biggest role to date. During the filming of that movie, she was hooking up with a married foreign born A list co-star who was 40 years older than her at the time, but he was also producing the movie and promised to get her more roles. He wanted her for himself, but at the same time, she was introduced to this A list mostly movie actor who would soon be her husband, after of course his wife found out about their affair. To break it off with her co-star, she found him someone even younger than our actress and he was satisfied with the deal.

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