Thursday, October 07, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Family History

Except for making it a blind and hiding some identities, I chose to leave this one in the words of the tipster.

I am reaching out to let you know this whole story/America's Sweetheart image is complete bs and I have been wanting to write to you about her (former A+ list mostly television actress who had an iconic role) for a while but unsure about airing family laundry out there, or if you would even be interested in a blind about her. What she did to her ex-husband, and even indirectly to her son has bothered me ever since his funeral. As a quick background, our actress, was basically a nobody and her husband helped raise her star to what she became because he was more famous than her at the time. She was literally the love of his life and when she left him after having a few miscarriages, he was DEVASTATED. He would have done anything for her, and he was never quite the same after she basically abandoned him. He was always the sweetest, most gentle loving man, and it just destroyed him. 

So her son did become a drug addict, but he told people privately that he started using drugs when he was a kid by taking HER pills that she was already taking... uppers in the morning, downers at night. 

His funeral though is really where I became beyond appalled by her existence. We were already in the chapel at Forest Lawn in a side section reserved for family. I was sitting close to her ex, when our actress walked up to us with her sleazy husband and said to her ex, "The press have come to pay their respects and would like to get a shot of us going into the chapel." Her ex was so distraught and wasn't really all mentally there because he just lost his only child, so he just did whatever she said silently. She made him get up, leave the chapel we were already in, in order to reenter it for the press shot. She made her son's fiancé do this too. That's why there is a stupid picture online of them entering the chapel in general. Her ex slowly deteriorated after that, as a piece of him obviously died, while she went on a press interview rampage. The last time I saw her was at the funeral of her ex. She showed up uninvited, probably in case the press showed up.

I just think she’s disgusting and thirsty, and exploits family tragedies for her own personal fame.  

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