Monday, March 14, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Employee

It was her idea actually. She had a couple of rules before she agreed to come back to our actor. One, was that he needed to be sober. For the most part, he has done that. The few days and nights he hasn't, she has left the home for her own safety. Interestingly enough, she left the employee behind. Not being sober is a big part of the uncontrolled rage. However, there is the everyday rage he has. For that, they hired an employee of sorts. Did she know what she was being hired for? No. She thought she was going to be a house cleaner and was told sex was part of the job. She was hired many months ago. Long before her country was invaded. Our actor takes his sober and drunk rages out on her. The couple has convinced themselves that since they pay the employee, they can do whatever they like. Is the person really an employee if they can't leave the house? From what I understand, she is not allowed to leave. Although the couple says the employee is being paid, no one has asked how payment is being handled since the employee is apparently undocumented and doesn't seem to have a bank account. If you think this is only known by a few people, you would be wrong The couple brags to all their friends about the employee.

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