Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Crew

Everyone always asks me who the next big predator who will be busted in Hollywood. My bet is on this A- list actor who has been on multiple hit shows and is married to someone just about where he is on the list. Our actor has been talking up a storm about sailing around the world in his own boat. He doesn't want to take his wife, but will end up doing so unless she can book a show or movie. Our actor has visions of an all female crew/harem that he can rotate through on the high seas. There will be no women from the US on his boat. He wants women from other countries, who are thrilled to be at sea with a has been actor. He actually bought reports of where his shows have been the most popular around the world and is recruiting from there. He says he has a boat, but I haven't seen it. What he does, is bring in some crew and says they are going sailing, but at this point, he can't do much sailing, so they sit at a dock in a foreign country (usually Mexico) and they get drunk and he tries to have sex with as many of them as possible over a weekend. The women for these "trips" are all from Mexico and have been paid so they won't say anything. His one attempt at using women who were not paid almost got him thrown in jail. Apparently he is not as famous as he thinks he is, and his advances were not welcome.

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