Monday, September 26, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Cult - A Tapes From The Future Blind

***I did some editing to make things blind and to soften the language so it doesn't get deleted.***

There is a cult - that cabal everyone has been talking about - that worships the sun god ra - hence the very visible temple dedicated to "him" on Little Saint James. That place is still in operation today as they felt it easy enough to fake a drone shoot making it look like everything's been decommissioned. I'm sure at this point you're aware of that - or at least that the same organization is in existence.

What you have to understand is that so much of this celebrity gossip of "trading wives" and "doing favors" isn't what you think. These people are being forced to do this by use of a drug called datura that subjects the hippocampus to unending horror because it's unable to completely communicate with the forebrain and that's why you see so many celebrities go off the rails. This drug is fed to them by their "agents" who aren't just representatives of firms that book acting jobs - they're an extension of the CIA. They call it the actor's program. They see actors as the most visible representatives of American culture and so they control the lives of everyone from this female YouTuber/food journalist to this alliterate actress best known for a streaming show and make it look like they're nice and safe and pretty for the cameras while they're being sexually assaulted off screen by every executive that likes the look of their body or the shape of their hips or the sound of their laugh.

MeToo was hijacked by a few very high profile cases that ended up insubstantially damaging the careers of a few individuals who haunt us every year with a Christmas message like one of those f**king ghosts rattling the chains outside of Scrooge's door. I was there in its formative moments and there was a woman who compiled a list with which you might be familiar.

Now the thing you need to understand is that these people are the ones we never thought would get caught. This includes people like another YouTube cooking star who makes meals you have seen in different places. They put a lot of these a-holes behind the scenes but they put plenty of them in front of the cameras as well. These individuals are all CIA agents who are given this drug datura to use whenever they please - and it works like a roofie. All of those men are confirmed sexual assaulters. These "stars" are constantly drugged and it is abhorrent what is being done to them.

So - you're wondering who that man was - the dark figure - and I told you he had a beard when we met -  he's very distinctive. It's on full display in that alliterate science fiction movie on the face of the man everyone knows as ____________________ but the world needs to know as one of the faces of the Pact known as Satan. There is a scene in that "film" where he lies to a man and says that the only way for him to save himself and his family is to go to Mars and the only way to do that is to murder an innocent child to prove his "worth". The man who "explained it to him in the hall" was none other than Elon Musk because that particular moment wasn't a fiction. That was this man showing off to the world that he could have a young boy murdered on screen and get away with it. He also delights in causing people to inflict pain on each other. Every single role he chooses tells something to the world about himself.

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