Monday, January 09, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Oscar Nominee

One of the actors from a film (AA), which is currently short-listed for the Oscars in the best international film category, is an abuser who is being protected by the film's director (BB) and its lead actress (CC), both self-proclaimed "feminists" who often talk about the #MeToo movement and how badly women are abused while promoting this movie and even call it "a feminist film". The abuser is (DD) and the case became public last year when this female director (EE) wrote an Instagram story saying that an abuser would stand on stage that night and be applauded. Everybody guessed that she was talking about someone from (AA) because the film had a premiere that same night. Her story had huge repercussions due to (EE) being a respected and award-winning director, so the case was all over the news in the most important websites and newspapers of this European country. 

(EE) didn't name the man and didn't even mention (AA), but since the case became so big, (BB) was asked about it and gave herself away by confirming that she had heard the rumors about one of the actors from (AA) a long time ago, but she kept him in the film because she likes him and because nobody took him to court, then she complained about (EE) "spreading rumors", even though (BB) herself confirmed that there are REPORTS (yes, she said in the plural) about this actor that she chose to ignore. (BB) spends basically 24/7 sharing stories about abuse in Hollywood and in the Middle East on Instagram and giving her own personal opinion, even for cases that have no evidence and were never taken to court, but she never comments on cases of abuse in her own country, which makes her words very hypocritical.

(CC) had an affair with (DD) and suggested him to play her son in (AA) despite knowing that he had abused other women and even kids - this is an open secret in this country's film community, everyone knows he's an abuser, but he's from a wealthy family, so you know how that works... people are afraid to speak up and report him.

They don't want this case to be known outside of the country because it might hurt their Oscar campaign and (CC's) Hollywood career, which is the only thing they care about.

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