Friday, September 15, 2023

Four For Friday - Bad Drug Behavior

#1 - You probably don't think of this A+ list actress taking drugs, and she probably hasn't for awhile, but back in the day when she was probably A- list she was the worst human being to be around. She would yell and scream and beat up her significant other multiple times.

#2 - This actor from a small body of water show, once punched someone who tried to do a line of his coke, and always had a flash fee for any women that wanted to do a line.

#3 - This A- list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee who always makes people who want to date her prove it by buying several hundred dollars worth of coke for each date.

#4 - This former A+ list actor is probably B+ list if that. At the height of his fame, he used to prey on high school girls and force them to drink and do drugs with him before forcing them to have sex. Now, he just goes to other countries and pays them.

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