Thursday, September 14, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Exits

This actor used to be pretty close to, if not A+ list. He doesn't act as much any longer, but all of you know him. He has been acting since he was a teen and comes from an acting family. One of his longer girlfriends was interviewed for a book, but not about the actor, it was about a movie in which she starred. For whatever reason though, the conversation turned to her relationship with the actor which was always tumultuous because of his cheating and general all around a-hole ness. He always thought he was the best thing to happen to any woman who dated him. If our actress so much as had a one minute conversation with a guy, he would call her a wh**e and then berate and yell at her for disrespecting him and walk away. Most of the time it would be done in a kind of private way, but there were several times in their relationship when he yelled at her at dinners and just got up and walked out. He would just leave her there after yelling at her and calling her a who*e. He would not be waiting for her outside, but if they were out of town and staying at a hotel or something, he would expect her to come back to where they were staying and apologize to him and then have sex with him. If they were in Los Angeles, she would have to take a cab to his place and do the same thing. 

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