Monday, September 11, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Running Game

This permanent A list actor from an acting family has been called out for his numerous sexual assaults and other inappropriate behavior towards women. When he was much younger, there was a woman who was a victim of the actor and she said that he would play what he called the running game. He would take her to the farthest corner of his home, as far from the back door as possible. The front door was locked from the inside with a key. He didn't want her running out the front and someone seeing her and wanting to help her. The game was that he had to chug three bottles of beer. If she could escape the house before he finished and could catch her, then she "won." Winning was just not being brutalized. Even out the back door, she was not going to make it over the fence. If she didn't make it out in time, then he would use the beer bottles on her body. This was usually done at night with all the lights off, but he was allowed to use a flashlight. She thinks it was because some other woman had clocked him in the dark and didn't see it coming.

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