Friday, November 24, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Anniversary Month

June 2, 2016

If you have read the site for any length of time, you know my number one rule of show business is to never leave a hit. You just never know if the stars will shine down on you again so milk every last drop off that hit. If Grey's Anatomy is still on the air 20 years from now, Ellen Pompeo will still be there earning that check. Sometimes though, the situation becomes so difficult that you are left with no choice but to leave. This celebrity didn't want to leave the show. He follows the rule, but he had to leave because it was killing him to stay. He was not the first to leave but he will be missed more than the other who left. It is hard to come to work on a show, no matter how big it is if you are constantly being bullied and demeaned and treated like a second class citizen. If you do not suck up to the star of the show and literally call him the greatest the world has ever seen, then you will have a miserable time on the set. Being a bully is not something done for the cameras, it is a real life thing. Our celebrity said he was having trouble sleeping at night. He developed a nervous tic that would start when his tormentor's name was mentioned. Our celebrity was having panic attacks and just could not keep kissing the butt of someone he really disliked and who showed no respect to the accomplishments of our celebrity. Ultimately, our celebrity had to walk away and for once I think it was the right move to make.

Michael Weatherly/NCIS/Mark Harmon/Cote de Pablo

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