Friday, November 24, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #6 - Anniversary Month

March 15, 2016

Except for some tennis tournaments it really doesn't seem like there has been much of throwing games or events for quite some time. That apparently has changed. There are a group of mafia guys who have infiltrated a sport where it is tough to gauge who is trying and got beat and who is just having a bad night. This past week, in a VERY quiet manner, state and federal investigators have been searching through financial records of family members of a couple of athletes. Right now they are focusing on some bit coin transactions. The family members being investigated had never had bit coin accounts until a few weeks ago. Why would a handful of people from different families suddenly have bit coin accounts. The reasoning agents have is that it is much easier to hide money coming in and where it came from if the sender and recipient are using bit coins. Right now there are two incidents that are being looked into and a massive payout of just over a million dollars divided among these two seemingly separate families. Sure, they each have a family member involved in the same sport, but the families don't know each other. What they do have in common is they all have these bit coin accounts now and are flush with them. Were the athletes paid to throw an event and the money delivered to the family members as payment? Why was there a very last minute rush in money that was opposite where all the money had been going up until the event. This would rock the sports world.

 Bellator 149/Kimbo Slice/Dada 5000

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