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Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

February 1, 2016

In this spot, I talk frequently about stars who have reached really big heights and then have come crashing back to earth and never ever see their star shine again. This time, there is hope. I hope it has a happily ever after, but only time will tell. This actor was never higher than B+ list and that was a very brief moment in time. B+ in movies is still great and to add to that he also had musical talent and actually had a couple of songs crack the top 40.

The thing that gets me is that just when he reached his peak- actually while he was making the movie that landed him at his peak he was self-destructing. Because of a horrific childhood growing up, our actor was always troubled by demons and the things done to him at an early age. Whenever he would relive those days he would turn to drugs to escape. Meth was his drug of choice. For the most part he could keep it together, but during the filming of this hit movie in which he had a big role, it all came crashing down on him. He was forced to face his past right before filming started. During the movie you can see him transform from this great looking future lead actor who every woman wanted to a guy who looked like he stayed up 20 hours a day either filming or smoking meth. He was a mess.

When the film wrapped, the A+list actress lead of the movie told him he needed to get help and she would pay for it. He didn't listen. Instead, he smoked away his money and got arrested more often than DMX. He bounced in and out of rehab. His marriage was awful because of the drugs. For a decade, this was his life. Just a vicious cycle. About six years ago, a producer gave our actor a chance. A chance to make a comeback. At the time, our actor was sober and he thought it was going to be the rebirth of his career. Not so fast though. This movie is not over and there has to be more adversity. There was. Another cycle of drugs and sobriety.

Fast forward to another producer. One who grew up watching the work of our actor. She thought she could bring out the talent that once made him famous in music and acting. Our actor is not that old. The drugs have aged him though. The past fifteen years have made him go from drop dead gorgeous to more of grizzled look. He is filming now. The producer says that he has been great. He is the lead. The top billed actor. This is his chance. Probably a final one. Probably one that no one else would have given him. I hope it works out for him. He deserves a happily ever after.

Edward Furlong/Before and After/Meryl Streep/The Green Hornet/Karma

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