Friday, November 24, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Anniversary Month

June 6, 2016

In the wake of the death of Aaliyah, certain record producers were looking for someone else who could step into her shoes in more than one way. As I have told you before, Aaliyah was sexually abused as a minor by several producers and was treated like a piece of meat to be bought and sold by different moguls up to the time she died. A couple of years after she died, a fairly large record producer started making some calls about a singer he had working out of his studio. She was 15 and eager and soon, different label heads were scouting her. When they heard her voice and then saw how she looked, they started scouting her even harder. She was sleeping with one of the producers, the one who made the initial calls. Soon, she was sold to this pseudo porn star/celebrity sibling. He loves controlling vulnerable women. It is his specialty. Anyway, he started controlling the career of this singer. He brought her to the attention of this A+ list rapper/mogul and he signed her to a deal. By the time all the ink was dry she was just shy of being legal. Didn't stop the mogul. He liked to sample the new talent. He was sampling her on a fairly regular basis, BUT he also was involved with a current A+ list singer who was in his face every day.

Our brand new signee did fairly well. Her first record sold a decent number of copies and she had some quality singles. The thing is though, that porn star in charge of her career was feuding with the mogul and told the mogul he would not be allowed to hook up with the singer again. I assume he thought the mogul would think she was something special. Apparently not as special as the current A+ lister because the new signee was dropped and the word put out on the street. No record deals for her from any label. When someone ignored the edict, they were paid a visit. If the visits were ignored then other steps were taken. This was a total lock down of a career that lasted almost a decade. The porn star cost his client her singing career but he didn't care because he was with so many different women who were all earning for him that she was just a drop in the bucket.

Lately, the singer has come back into the spotlight and apparently she is now allowed to record and is starting to make a name for herself again.

Ashanti/Irv Gotti/Ray J/Sean Combs/Jennifer Lopez

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