Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Catch & Release

This foreign born singer peaked at probably A list in her own country and maybe A-/B+ list in the rest of the world. Her singing career crashed and burned because she stopped sleeping with record executives. If you get her drunk, she can be convinced to tell you about how, when not old enough to drive, she had to use her hand to pleasure a record executive in order to keep him from dumping her from the label. He ended up dumping her anyway when she wouldn't sleep with him. She bounced around record labels until she became legal. That is when she had her greatest success. She had multiple hits, and they were all because she was sleeping with executives. Then, she landed a boyfriend who she has been with forever. He didn't want her sleeping with executives, so they stopped giving her good tracks and good people to work with and let her fade away into nothingness. She still has a name and works in television, but no more recording. She won't ever go back in the studio.

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