Monday, February 26, 2024

Today's Blind Items - The Building

It is a fourplex that has stood vacant for nearly a decade. It looks abandoned. It looks like a tear down. It is right there touching the better side of Olympic in a really decent neighborhood. Why has it been abandoned for so long? The thing is, it looks abandoned from the outside, but it really isn't. This now deceased permanent A+/A list singer built a recording studio inside the building and it kept getting burglarized. No matter what kind of locks or security system, the result was the same. Once every few months, the good stuff would be cleaned out. So, he spent a bunch of money making it look like it was abandoned and dangerous. At the same time, he put even better security in and the only way to even access the building was from a shed on the four plex next door which the singer also owned. After the singer died, this one named A list singer owned it for awhile, but wasn't really recording any longer. Now, it is owned by this former A+ list rapper who uses it for recording, but also just sees it as important historically. 

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