Friday, November 19, 2010

DMX Arrested - Again

It is close to the holiday season so DMX must have been missing the place he has called home frequently over the last few years...jail. D or MX as his friends like to call him was arrested last night after he was found to be in possession of coke. Not content with just one drug, D, was also using OxyContin without a prescription, failing to show up for drug testing and just pretty much anything else he could do to violate the terms of his probation and parole. He is currently being held without bond.

Talk about a guy who had so much promise and just let it all go to hell.


Julie said...

god, i was in love with him. especially when he was in Belly.


RocketQueen said...

That last sentence said it all, Ent. He really had talent and charisma. So self-destructive.

rebellious, contrary and nice said...

Isn't he mentally ill? If so, does he want to take his meds?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

BELLY!!!Holy cow! I haven't heard that movie mentioned for years and years. Wow. That took me back.

Lady J said...

I LOVED DMX, but just like you said Enty he threw it all away. He was sooo talented.

@ Julie


Julie said...

I'm glad people remember Belly!!!
Its seriously up there with my favorites.

But yeah, I loved its dark and hell is hot, as well. I think a lot of my friends are kind of surprised that I was so into rap back then. My original email address is CLoveDMX LOL

Someone on ONTD was talking about how they worked craft services and that DMX was a jerk, had a bunch of girls etc, and his "wife" was ok with it?
I'm trying to remember the whole story. But now his "wife" is writing a book, I'm pretty sure?

ardleigh said...

Calling Dr. Drew... Dr. Drew...Celeb Rehab needs a new NAME maybe DMX-tra stupid can be it.

MCH said...

I was reading his Wikipedia...I forgot about him writing a gospel album!

redsiren said...

That's what happens when drugs enter the picture. He had a good future. I've seen it happen so much is sad.

Coke Mom Jr. said...

Remember folks.... he's doin it all for the kids. It's Ok, he's a jail ni--a, he gonna face the world like it's Earl in the bullpen.

The Tempestuous Grape said...

I've said it before and I will say it again: ANIMAL ABUSERS SHOULD BE MURDERED.


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