Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Christina Ricci did not quite move the glass of wine far enough away.
Gave you Rebecca Gayheart yesterday, so today you get Eric Dane.
Elton John playing tennis. Looks like he has having a great time.
If you get bored, you can always try and complete the maze on Khloe's dress. For the more advanced player, you can try Kyle's. Or is that Kendra?
Meanwhile the other Kardashian sisters continue to celebrate Halloween.
Julianne Hough admitted on Ellen that she is dating Ryan Seacrest. She came forward because no one really cared enough to ask her about it anymore.
I want to know what happens next.
Keith Urban - New York
Keith Urban - Philadelphia
Chris O'Donnell lost the coin toss to LL Cool J. Chris had to sit at the kid's table.


Patty said...

The K-ass sister is Kendall, not Kendra. Oh, slap me for knowing that!

jess said...

Kendall is really pretty, I hope she doesn't whore herself up.

Pookie said...

hmmm...gayheat/dane in the photos lately...i'm guessing a reveal is near?

so cute, elton john playing tennis.

RocketQueen said...

Wow, when you think how tall Khloe is compared to Kim and Kourtney, you think she might really be Jenner's daughter. The two younger sisters (god, make them STOP) are as tall as she is.

chopchop said...

How are those diet pills workin' out for ya, Khloe?

redsiren said...

Who told the Kardashians they were stylish? They wear the tackiest clothes and furs, like something you would buy from Cache. Kim and Chloe always look like 2 stuffed sausages. I think Kim has single handedly devaluated the exclusivity of the Birkin bag. Don't get me started on Cousin Itt (Kourtney)

KP said...

How old are Kylie and Kendall? The one are the right is wearing EXTREMELY HOT shoes but I think they might be a little too old for her.

Looks like Kris is whoring those two out early! No lost income!

lanasyogamama said...

I love how generic and un-special Hough looks without her uber blond hair.

Meg said...

@K - They are 13. And I agree on the shoes. Although it was at a premiere.... The one on the left...her dress is SO short.

Love, love, love Elton. He was fantasic last night w/ Leon Russell!


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