Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Photos Part Three - Governors Ball

Hilary Swank
Marisa Tomei
Aaron Eckhart
Christine Lahti
Diane Lane & Josh Brolin
Elle Fanning, Stephen Dorff, Sofia Coppola
Blast from the past - Father Guido Sarducci
Heather Graham & Kevin Spacey
James Caan & Robert Duvall
Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield
Joey McIntyre
Juliette Lewis
Justin Long & Sam Rockwell
Natalie Portman
Ryan Gosling


Pookie said...

oh hilary, those loubis would work so much better w/ some rolled up bf jeans. you'd wear 'em better that way know you can't pull off the girly-girly vibe.

marisa. no.

christine's like office manager meets little house on the prairie. eww.

diane lane is so pretty there...wish she'd lose the brolin.

i just heart the little fanning sister...she's adorable.

bflogurl said...

I couldn't hate Hilary's shoes more.

timebob said...

are Heather Grahm and Rose McGowan morphing into each other?

maggiemei said...

Elle Fanning looks like a giant child. She is taller than Stephen and Sophia, and the proportions of her dress dwarf them too.

It's as if she took just a small nibble of that cookie from Alice in wonderland, and shot up just a bit.

How old is she now? if she is that tall, I don;t think she needs to be wearing such juvenile fashions any longer.

Meg said...

Oooh, do not like Hillary's dress.

Stephen Dorff looks like George Hamilton standing in between the pale Elle & Sofia.

looserdude said...

I'll probably get flamed for this, but I have a thing for Hillary Swank. And apparently Enty does, too!

libby said...

maggiemei, Elle Fanning is 12 and a half!
Born April, 1998.

I say keep the 'juvenile' fashions!

Ms Cool said...

Gosh - many of these people look sickly skinny. Diane Lane doesn't -she is beautiful.

califblondy said...

oooooh I love Hillary's shoes, but sometimes shoes like that don't really look good with anything. It's too bad we can't walk around in just a pair of fancy shoes.

Okay, maybe not.

looserdude said...

@califblondy - knock yourself out! ;)

mooshki said...

Why is Christine Lahti going to prom?

It's bad when Juliette Lewis is the classiest chick in the bunch.

RocketQueen said...

Agree Ms. Cool - this is definitely the "thin" set of pictures.

Swank looks ridiculous in that entire outfit. Overdone.

I feel like I've seen Dakota wearing that dress that Elle is wearing? Yay for recycling!

lol @ Dorf's ridiculous orange tan.

Joey looks great, not a fan of Rockwell's suit.

Mmm. More Gosling!

nunaurbiz said...

MMM love me some Aaron Eckhart! Thanks, Enty! MWAH!

Who's the lucky chickadee on Ryan Gosling's arm? With shameless cougary, I'm jealous! :-D

RocketQueen said...

@nuna - I read on Lainey's site it's his mom!

nunaurbiz said...

@ RocketQueen: No way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was she 6 when she had him?!?! Wow!

JoElla said...

Father Guido Sarducci!!!!

Jennifer said...

okay - Elle is 5'6" + heels - that's an okay height for a 12 year old, though surprising on the heels. That makes Stephen D is much shorter than I thought he was, however.

surfer said...

Mooshki - my exact thoughts. Except I thought Christine Lahti was wearing a nightgown!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Hey, I like Christine's dress, although I'd like it better in a deeper color. Then again, I do have a lifelong weakness for vintage...

lanasyogamama said...

I like Hilary's shoes, but they make her look like she's going to tip over.

Elle Fanning is adorable.

Chrissy Buns said...

I always knew there was a reason Joey was my favorite New Kid, my adolescent heart knew he would age well.

and thank you for the Eckhart and the Gosling *sigh*

PotPourri said...

Chrstine Lahti is going to the prom in 1978. Yuck! I'm also very ashamed for her.

Heather Graham must be trying to revive her career another way.

dmd77 said...

Wow, Stephen Dorff is short.

Diane Lane looks gorgeous, as always. And healthy, especially directly below the scary-skinny-arm pic of Christine Lahti.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I think Heather Graham looks good. But I do have a special place in my heart for her since I get told that I look like her sometimes. ;)

MnGddess said...

Hillary, the shoes are AWFUL. I guess Rachel Zoe dressed you.

And look at Juliette Lewis! She's dressed! And normally, too!

And I though Sam Rckwell was Tom Cruise for a minute..

shakey said...

I know I'm commenting almost 2 days too late, but isn't the Governor's Ball after the Oscars? Did we go back in time? Or forward?


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