Friday, November 19, 2010

Wilmer Valderrama Goes Cheap In His New Music Video

Did you know Wilmer Valderrama was putting out an album? Me either. Apparently he is though and is now casting a music video. Umm, first of all Wilmer, I think you should get a casting agent who actually knows how to spell your name. That is a good first step. The second step is that if you are going to have someone work for 10 hours in a day and give them lines and make them a part of the video, perhaps you should dig out some money from that fat That 70's Show wallet and pay them more than a $100. Yes, I know it is $10hr., but Wilmer probably spends more than $100 on condoms everyday. Don't be cheap Wilmer. Oh, and whoever gets the role of Daniella, I would think that Wilmer will probably want to spend some one on one time with you to make sure you have good chemistry.

General Information

Project Name
Wilmer Valderama Music Video

Project Rate
100/10 hours plus 15 % Agents Fee

Jessica (Mother)
Details "lead" / Female / Featured / Caucasian / 30 - 35
Description Alejandro's mother, Eduardo's Baby Mama. Female, 30. Has some dialogue with Wilmer.
Rate 100/10 hours plus 15 % Agents Fee


Details "leads Eduardos Son" / Male / Featured / Hispanic / 6 - 10
Description Eduardo's son. Latino, ages 6-10. Must be nerdy/nervous/awkward looking. Has some dialogue with Wilmer.
Rate 100/8 hours plus 15 % Agents Fee

Daniella (VERY HOT)

Details "lead" / Female / Lead / All Ethnicities / 20 - 28
Description A beautiful girl, ages 20-30, This is the lead hot girl whom Eduardo is pursuing throughout the video.
Rate 100/10 hours plus 15 % Agents Fee

Eduardos Posse

Details "leads (Some Dance Experience)" / Male / Lead / All Ethnicities / 20 - 30
Description Darren, Guillermo and Rick 3 males who form Eduardo's posse. Think cheesy-looking club guys – like The Jersey Shore. Need to be good dancers; we're looking to do some simple choreography in the video. Please send a note to me can you Dance.
Rate 100/10 hours plus 15 % Agents Fee

El Tigre ( a Rapper)

Details "lead" / Male / Featured / African Am, Hispanic / 20 - 30
Description Needs to come across like a hugely successful and suave rap star – think Diddy. We need someone with lots of swagger anf charm. The Rapper Will have a verse in Wilmer's song, but the lyrics will be provided. For the audition, the actor will be expected to rap in front of the camera – any lyrics he chooses.
Rate 100/10 hours plus 15 % Agents Fee


MommaSaid said...

You know, this guy is loaded as he is also the voice for Handy Manny. I'm quite embarrassed for him on so many different levels of his cheapness.

BigMama said...

ok, all I have to say is I do not believe for a second he is singing on this album. I have to watch Handy Manny on a regular basis and he "sings" on it and it is barely tolerable. And that ISN'T because it is a childrens cartoon, he just plain sucks! So, whatever the reason he is doing this now, I can only imagine that investing more than 25cents in a video is a waste of money. Unless your going for a John Waters type camp thing, then go for it. :)
*end horror induced rant*

RocketQueen said...

I want to talk about how pathetic this all is, but I can't stop laughing at "Platino".

Cheryl said...

BigMama: I was thinking camp too, like a ghetto Johnny Mathis thing, but he lost me at El Tigre.

Patty said...

WHY is he still relevant??

Maja With a J said...

I can't WAIT to see this! *LOL*

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

So this video is a Sharks v. Jets idea? boo!

CDAN Mod said...

I'm wandering in the wilderness. What's the going rate for hiring?

Meg said...

What the hell does this mean?
Please send a note to me can you Dance.

Will Wilmer be dancing in this video?

Can't wait to see it. For the kind of money he's doling out I'm guessing it will be spectacular.

B626 said...

Yup this will be one of those 'serious' videos that is hilarious to watch.

Leah said...

Am I the only one who thinks Wilmer has aged badly? Cocaine is a hell of a drug, Wilmer.

Elle said...

This money is actually fairly normal for music videos. Some big bands don't even pay. It sucks. The fact that he is putting out an album gives me the skeeves but if Angelina from Jersey Shore can do it, why not? All it takes now is some degree of fame, a songwriter and Autotune.

Plus (and this is a personal pet peeve of mine) it's a casting director, not a casting agent.

shakey said...

The characters in music videos have names? And why not use the rapper who sings on the song itself, or would that be too expensive?

__-__=__ said...

Even I wouldn't be photographed with anything less than Reposado!

weezy said...

Sounds like the label offered to kick in $5K; any overages would have to come out of his pocket, and clearly he's not going to spend a thin dime. Wow is he dumb.


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