Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Mean Suvari going for that 50's bombshell look. Nice.

Marisa Tomei at a party sponsored by a liquor company. Magic.

I watched that Drum Line movie or whatever it was called again the other night, and I had forgot how good Orlando was in that. Here he is with Rosario Dawson.
Olivia Wilde and a ton of fans.
Pamela Anderson still in India. Not working in a call center yet.
Probably one of the best Paul Rudd photos in a long time.
And at the opposite end of the spectrum, Russell Crowe.
Serena Williams and another injury. She is being helped by Kelly Rowland.
Taylor Armstrong, or as my dad likes to call her, "fish lips."
Hey, Mike. In about a year, you will be about as famous as Brittny Gastineau. Can you see him like in ten years having people pay $5 to touch his abs at some Jersey Shore convention. I can't wait until they do a 5 year reunion show.


rhinovodka said...

Marisa, what did you do, shop at a medical supply store?

Love Paul Rudd! So cute.

SkittleKitty said...

Wasn't there a recent blind item about an actress who was nearly A list and then disappeared for awhile and is trying to get her career back?

Hello, Mena.

Anyone with me? Anyone find the blind?

RocketQueen said...

I saw Body of Lies the other day and I thought his character was perfect for what Crowe is off screen, too: middle-aged, overweight, wanting to stay out of the spotlight. His glamour days are over.


The Nightmare Child said...

No matter what Mena Suvari says or does...she'll always be overshadowed by Thora Birch in my mind. Plus, Mena's a feminazi nutbag.

Anonymous said...

Mena looks very nice like that.

I like Olivia on House.

Eeeewwww @ Pam

Taylor Armstrong looks more like a piranha lol

PotPourri said...

Brittany Gastenau. I actually liked how Stupid that show was. It was a joke. Which I really liked.

Meg said...

Menu looks fabulous as a blonde.

One of the best photos? I think all photos of Paul Rudd are great! Love, love, love him.
Oh and for all you Aniston lovers, they are doing another movie together.

I know Russell Crowe is said to be an ass but I always enjoy him in interviews. He tells really hilarious stories about his kids & is usually pretty jovial.

redsiren said...

Pam Anderson hasn't realized she is no longer 25 and the stringy hair is out, as well as the frosted pink lipstick and lipliner. Pammie, hang it up it's that time. Go on, you can do it. Nice she was posing next to a Tata sign.

lanasyogamama said...

I know Mena was nice to Enty's dad or something, but she annoys me. First of all, that hair has to be fake, she cut it all off not that long ago, second, she seems incredibly caught up in her looks, and third, I read some interview with her and she was super annoying about how she could only eat certain foods, that she could feel her body reacting negatively to anything not macrobiotic or some bs.

selenakyle said...

That last one is a Blind reveal, methinks...

MadLyb said...

You know, sometimes just the memory of the hotness is enough. That being said, I'd still hit Russell Crowe...

K said...

~Pamela Anderson still in India. Not working in a call center yet.~

Yeah, cause you have to use a script.

~headpalm~ Oh sh*t, my bad, that's why JESSICA ALBA isn't working in a call center!!!!!

ForSure said...

mmmm, Paul Rudd... more please. Yes, of all the people in Hollywood, my mad, hot crush, sexiest man alive is Paul Rudd.

You may not get that, but I don't understand why people like coconut flavored jelly beans.


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