Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Photos Part Two - GQ Men Of The Year Event

The Situation and Anna Faris.
Colin Hanks, hiding his booze, hangs out with Anna Kendrick.
Krysten Ritter & Bryan Cranston
Camilla Belle & Drake
Chord Overstreet & Chris Colfer.
Christopher Mintz Plasse & Clark Duke
Kid Rock, David Spade, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum. Kid looks especially noteworthy with his bare belly and cigar.
Erika Christensen and Jerry Ferrara.
James Franco & Mark Ruffalo.
Garry Shandling & Jimmy Kimmel.
Johnny Galecki and Jason Ritter.
Milo Ventimiglia & Olivia Munn.
Taylor Lautner & Jaime King


nancer said...

i'm so out of the loop. i don't even know who about half these fuckers are.

RocketQueen said...

Have another drink, Kid Rock.

I wonder if "Chord Overstreet" is his real name.

Watch out Drake, she's a maneater.

Anna F. looks really good - except for the bra hanging out bit.

mooshki said...

Can Olivia Munn please go away? She has no charisma. So tired of seeing her on 'The Daily Show.' :(

looserdude said...

Krysten Ritter & Bryan Cranston were together in one of the most devastating scenes of "Breaking Bad". Good that she got over that whole letting her die an unnecessary death thing.

skeeball said...

LOL @ kid Rock, you can tell he is cocked he has no idea where he is! You know he stood there for 15 minutes after the picture was taken and the others left!

parissucksliterally said...

I cannot even begin to express how much the name "Chord Overstreet" annoys me.


looserdude said...

I always thought Anna Faris must have a great sense of humor and posing with The Situation proves it.

RenoBlondee said...

I have an irrational love and attraction for Kid Rock! I can't say why, LOL!

Meg said...

Is The Situation one of the GQ MOTY??

The Kid Rock picture is hilarious.

The Nightmare Child said...

More Krysten Ritter, please. Thank you.

"Can Olivia Munn please go away? She has no charisma. So tired of seeing her on 'The Daily Show.' :("

I second this notion. She offends my nerd sensibilities.

jax said...

imma say it.


lanasyogamama said...

Love Krysten Ritter, Bryan Cranston, and Breaking Bad.

Sara said...

Is Kid Rock really tall or is it just that he's standing next to David Spade?

Aly said...


Chord has stated his unusual name is because "my dad is in the music business as a songwriter. I was the third one in my family born, and there are three notes in a chord, so that's how they came up with my name." He has another sibling with a musical name, Harmony, as well as siblings Nash, Summer, Skye, and Charity.

califblondy said...

Reno, must be a blonde thing, 'cuz Kid Rock gets to me too. He acts like he's always having fun and doesn't sweat the small stuff.

memyselfandi said...

@nancer - I spit my pop out when I read your comment. PRICELESS! HAHA!!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Colin Hanks & Jason Ritter look so much like their's rather bittersweet in the latter's case.

Mango said... named The Situation one of their Salon's Men on Top 2010. I've never watched Jersey Shore but from what I've read about him, surely that's fucked up, no?


NOT a good pic of Jimmy Kimmel. He looks, ah, intellectually challenged in that photo.

KP said...

I don't know what most of the people were talking about in the "Sexiest Man of the Year" thread because Drake is looking pretty yummy to me!

Robert said...

What the hell happened to Gary Shandling? He looks swollen!

Jerry said...

Shandling looks like he just came from a visit to Madame Tussaud's Spa and Salon.

Ruse said...

Nancer, I was thinking the exact same thing...I didn't know who anyone was until the Kid Rock/David Spade picture. Maybe they're discussing Joe Dirt 2.

Garry Shandling is freakin me the hell out. He's makin Jimmy Kimmel look worse than usual too.

Are Krysten and Jason Ritter related?

ali said...

Wouldn't a movie with James Franco & Mark Ruffalo be great?!

Gary Shandling is starting to look like Mickey Rourke

Karmen said...

Colin Hanks is an amateur.

1. Put booze in hand.
2. Place that arm with the booze behind your friend's back while posing for a picture. Now it looks like you're taking a regular photograph with no booze. Hooray!
Tip: Don't let your chilled beverage touch your friend's back, otherwise they'll bitch at you for getting them cold.

ms_goddess said...

So Chord Overstreet is Paul Overstreet's son? Cool! I've always thought of Paul O. as a singer, but yeah, he's written a ton of hit songs for others. Thanks for the info Aly!

ms_goddess said...

And glad to know Chord Overstreet is actually contributing to his own success in some constructive way without just riding his daddy's coattails like so many celebrity brats.


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