Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Housewives Beverly Hills

When you don't have to leave the house until midnight, you get a lot of time to watch television. Because I watched Half Blood Prince, I only watched the first half of RHBH last night and watched the rest with my bacon sandwiches this morning at around 4:30am.

Wow. Seriously, I have to say last night and last week are the two best Real Housewives shows ever. I am calling this period the golden age of Camille. I cannot wait until someone makes a mashup of just Camille from the past two weeks. She was gold again this week.

Honestly, the last 30 minutes of the show I had to watch twice just because they were so good. Lets start when Camille hits the red carpet. Her supposed friend who rode in the limo with her was reduced to being a clothes and bag carrying grunt while Camille hit the red carpet. Like it was her job.

Having that guy examine her cleavage who was sitting next to her was so inappropriate and then he just kept staring.

After the show was the best. Camille saying something like, Going backstage to see Kelsey. He is kind of a big deal." Then what happens? Kelsey practically throws her out of the dressing room on her ass. Camille wanted to be Mrs. Big Shot and Kelsey was, "Bye."

The best moment though was when they were doing their on camera confessional type things and Camille says, "Kelsey and I have agreed to stop using Kyle's husband as our realtor. Let's face it. Kelsey is A list and Kyle's husband is just a local realtor. They are not in the same class."

To know that last night Kyle was probably having a viewing party and laughing her ass off at Camille was probably the greatest thing ever.

Oh, and who thinks the Maloofs are headed for divorce? Going out with the guys instead of going to your in-laws after there has been a death in the family?


WednesdayFriday said...

The thing that I love most about Camille, and trust me, there are many, is that no matter how much she says she is coming out of her husbands shadow, all she does is name drop her husband and bring him up.

She is seriously an obnoxious, self entitled, no talent ass clown.

I want to be Lisa in my next life.

WednesdayFriday said...

And was I the only one who totally picked up on the fact that her and her motorcycle riding friend who stopped by are totally banging on the down low?

CDAN Mod said...

Add Taylor to the divorce pile also! She is painfull to watch. Here is a post from another site on Camille. You may have to take it with a grain of salt:

"FredPalerThis is absurd, and as someone who knows both parties, let me respond to Camille. First, let's keep this in mind: when Kelsey met Camille, she was a Playboy model, a soft core porn actress in such films as "The Naked Detective," and a prostitute in the Arab world, which is where she made most of her money (by the way, ask her about Prince Jefri's trial, and watch her jaw drop). Despite this - maybe because of it - Kelsey married Camille, and they were fine. But then Camille seemed to feel Kelsey owed his success to her; she also decided that she needed more attention, and in her 40's, decided to go back to modeling her plastic surgery, and appearing on TV. Kelsey was worried that the new attention on Camille would cause attention to her past, particularly her on and off stints in Brunei as one of the Sultan's prostitutes. How would the kids feel about this? So when he was in New York, he thought that maybe his relationship with Camille had run its course. He did the best he could. He helped her with her irritable bowels, looked past her past, and brought her in as a mother and a partner. But it seemed as if she was looking to become famous at the expense of her family, and that was a bit too much for Kelsey. So his former wife should just let it go, and move on with her life, too. Hopefully she will get the fame and credit she wants."

Lindsey said...

Nope - I caught on too! They are 100% hooking up or have in the past. His wife must be mortified! and to think shes supposedly a good friend.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I dont know how Camille didnt notice the signs that her marriage was over. In every scene that Kelsey is in he looks miserable... hes either talking badly about their relationship during the "confessionals" or awkwardly trying to dodge her advances.

If she wants to perserve any sort of reputation she shouldnt sign on for season 2

Ice Angel said... if I hear that correctly, then, the writer is stating that Kelsey was OK with all of her past indiscretions until she decided to do something more than be his trophy wife? Then it was perfectly fine to run off to New York and abandon her and his kids and get another young woman knocked up? Is that right?

(BTW-not shooting the messenger...I know you are just pasting what someone else said)

Jayne said...

I nominate Camille as one of the worst people ever!

jax said...

the maloof's are a gd mess.the whole family. don't be fooled by the bling.

Lindsey said...

Im not condoning Kelsey's behavior or how he went about telling Camille it was over. BUT we dont know the full story. I cant imagine what life would be like living with that women. After seeing her behavior I've eased up on my judgments of Kelsey.

CDAN Mod said...

Ice Angel, I am not one of those women who believe that men will not marry a woman with Camille's past. The post also implies to me that by Camille going into the spotlight, her salacious past could come forward. So who really knows?

I so believe that the Playboy bunnies are/were into high-end prostitution or work the sex trade cycles from time to time. Wasn't there 'brief' talk of how Hef was being investigated for it?

Many of those bouncy 20 y/o somethings don't work anywhere. Or their employment is not gainful, so to speak. Those girls probably throw that Playboy status around for favors or money.

Side note, one of the bunnies who lived with Hef prior to Holly and Bridget taking over, said that Hef would NOT give her money for law school. However, she could get money for plastic surgery. I don't blame her for asking the old geezer money for school. I would have too.

RocketQueen said...

I don't watch this show but damn, I might actually start watching a Real Housewives show for this mess.

nancer said...

i loved the aftershow with kelly ripa and her husband mark. hahahaa. they're really into this show.

another thing i loved was the captions 'camille's pool cleaner'.....'camille's house assistant.....' then we had camille's makeup guy. i bet camille has her own ass wiper.

and i loved how kyle's husband became 'our realtor' like he only works for them.

she really is the most repugnant human being.

califblondy said...

Could Kelsey have been any more uncomfortable? The way Camille touches her "friend" is so wrong and too familiar. She looks at him like she wants to eat him with a spoon. Camille's gf is an idiot to feed Camille's ego by telling her Kyle is jealous. Who on earth would ever be jealous of Camille? Sorry, psycho.

Barton Fink said...

I'm much kinder to Camille when I watch the show -- but I have to admit, this is one of the best reality television shows ever. They have harnessed the power of Hollywood insanity to drive the engine of housewivery, and it's appalling and impossible to look away from.

Sherry R. said...

In the divorce of Kelsey and Camille, he will be granted all of the friends.

Maidstone said...

Every time I see Camille I think of her as the bikini girl holding the cue cards/info cards from Howard Stern's movie "Private Parts" in the cold.

Google: camille donatacci + private parts to see her in all of her glory.

And hmmmmm - she never mentions she was in that blockbuster movie. Embarrassed by it???

She is a HORRID human being. I'm Team Kelsey.

Gina said...


Lucky gal said...

I'm so in love with this show...! Thank you for this post, I was bursting when I watched the episode and had no one to talk to!!!

For once there's a RH franchise where I like most of the women. Kim is just insecure and quiet and Taylor is going through a divorce (I'm sure I read it somewhere), so they're not as interesting. But Kyle is a hot force of nature (her family is really sweet, too), Lisa seems so levelheaded she shouldn't even be a part of the franchise and I really like Adrienne (even if her hair seems like she just left the set of a 90's infomercial).

There were so many great Camille moments, but reading "Art of War" at the table is one of the high points. Also, YES, she is totally banging the friend.

The production and editing are so against Camille that not even the ridiculous party for Taylor's daughter was as annoying as "Camille's pool cleaner". Kelsey does look miserable, she was probably already a bit annoying when they met but money and privilege just brought out the worst in her...

hunter said...

I'm with Pessoa on these ladies. I really like Kyle and Lisa the best but Adrienne seems like a lovely woman, too bad she had so much done to her face.

Camille is the showstopper though, best. shit. ever.

I missed this last week's episode but God Bless Bravo - I know I can see it soon.

chihuahuense said...

I just caught the re-run...a couple of things:

The Art of War. LOL! I'm surprised she wasn't holding it upside down when they panned to her.

The fact that she kept saying "pernicious." You could tell that she used a thesaurus or something on that one because I have never heard it used that way: "she was so pernicious." Always pernicious _____. Whatever, she sounded stupid saying it.

She SOOO brings up Kelsey too much. She's basically saying, I am better because my husband is better. Um, isn't that the opposite of what you said you came on to the show for? I thought you were your own person, blah fricken blah. Ugh, she is so gross.

I also loved how stupid Taylor was. And her stupid husband. Especially her stupid husband juxtaposed to that hot Mexican Mauricio...rawr!

ChasingHeaven said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! I've got one better. Okay, the scene where the only time she could squeeze a few minutes in to see her mom was during a manicure where her Mom sits and watches her get her nails done. They cut to the confessional thing where she states her Mom was recently diagnosed with cancer, they cut back to the manicure scene. It's PRICELESS. PRICELESS, I'm telling you, how she asks how her mom is doing and immediately goes in to herself and how she may get cancer some day and how exhausting the tests were, etc. etc. Bitch, your MOM is fighting a potentially TERMINAL illness NOW and all you can do is worry about yourself and how tired you were from your check up? How about how tired your Mom is from FIGHTING CANCER?? It takes a truly classless disgusting pig of an individual to look a terminally ill person in the eye and have the audacity to complain about a dr. check up and spending money which, by the way, would have easily paid for you to visit your own mother while she's suffering through this had she, you know, had the ability to give a damn. UGH. PRICELESS!!! I'm so worked up I'm going to have to go back to my DVR and watch that scene for the 40th time just to torture myself with it some more. Somebody smack some sense into her. PLEASE.

chihuahuense said...

@chasingheaven...I know! AND she's like I'm so glad Kelsey and I got you such a wonderful doctor, or whatever....ME!ME!ME!ME!mememememememememememememe! I know you have cancer, Mom, but it is all about me!!!!!!!!!! Also, she was talking about BRCA1/2 mutations which =breast cancer, but her mom must've had skin cancer if she was using topical (applied to the skin) chemo. I'm not super familiar with all of the ins and outs of oncology, but it sounded like she was taking her Mom having cancer and talking about herself maybe having a different cancer, which just brings me back to the fact that she is a self-absorbed twit. Oh, and how she was like "Kyle lost her temper. So I won." No, bitch, ya didn't.

Lucky gal said...

Oooooh the nail thing!!! I read a review online before I watched the episode and thought "It can't be *that* bad!"... IT WAS! Even if she spoke extensively about her mother (doubt it!) this editing is making Camille sound like a horrible person. A pernicious person, I guess.

Katja said...
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Katja said...

This is the best mix of housewives ever! I couldn't believe that manicure scene either. Actually any scene with Camille in it is golden.

Kyle does kick @ss, At first Kim annoyed me to no end, which made me very sad because I loved Escape it Witch Mountain.

So after another look I think acts like she has PTSD, being so jumpy etc.

Sadly I still don't think she is that bright.

I read Kelsy's GF had a miscarraige did anyone else see that?

youappearing said...

Rebellious...what site did you get that off of???


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