Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

It was a tie today for the top spot. I feel like Eli Wallach and Clint Eastwood make a great case, but so
does a photo of Barbra Streisand, Jerry Seinfeld and Bette Midler.
Beck - Los Angeles
Burning Spear, The Roots & Michael J Fox - New York
Jayden points out his other house - Starbucks
Speaking of Starbucks, Cory Monteith seen here enjoying some.
Yeah, like Demi Moore is really embarrassed. All of the Baldwins got together over the weekend to take turns carrying Demi.
Stephen was there with his daughter.
Billy was there with Nicollette Sheridan.
Even Daniel was there.
Are you starting to really feel sorry for Courteney Cox?

Elf!!! had its Broadway debut.
New hairstyle for Gwen Stefani.


timebob said...

bit bit at what age will you just let your kids walk. I know you think it makes you look motherly to hold your kids. But come on already. Put them down.

MontanaMarriott said...

WOw, that is a whole lot of Jew power in the trinity that is Streisand, Seinfeld and Midler. LOL sounds like a law firms, lol

Meg said...

Oh, David.

I am so sad I'm not going to be able to see Elf. We were going to fly up to NYC next month to see if but something came up. :(

looserdude said...

"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Too bad Lee Van Cleef is gone.

califblondy said...

Is Norm awake?

Bette looks like Glen Close. WTH happened to her face? Babs, cut the hair, please.

Jeez, I'm sick of Brit's pockets hanging out. That wasn't cool since I was in high school and that was a lotta years ago.

What's with the Baldwin party? I couldn't even imagine being in a room with all of 'em. I bet they're worse than the ladies of The View all talking at the same time.

Ms Cool said...

I love Clint Eastwood. Alec Baldwin stole all of the looks in that family.

Pookie said...

loveee clint e.!

geez, i remember when the conga room had standards. arquette? really? i don't think the childish schtick is funny anymore...i'm all, grow the f up, dude.

must go see 'elf'!

mooshki said...

They would've had a much better argument for being on top if Seinfeld weren't in the mix.

Demi should be embarrassed by those pants.

Good job, Gwen, keep that tranny look going!

RocketQueen said...

George Wendt for Ryan!

I need more Beck in my life.

Mooshki - beat me to it. WTF Demi?! Then again, am I being overly biased cause when I see Sharon Stone wearing such things I think she's awesome. Demi? Not so much. I guess cause I feel like Stone's rocking the "yeah, I'm aging but still hot!" whereas Demi's just trying to appear younger.

karen said...

Watched Constantine the other day and Gavin was so hot in it.

chopchop said...

I think Demi is trying to cover up the fact that her face is pulled too tight to smile.

nunaurbiz said...

So, Billy Baldwin's divorce is back on? Thought Chynna changed her mind about filing. Or did he???? Hm, still, he could do SO much better than Nicolette!

Maja With a J said...

OMG, Bette Midler and Barbara Streisand in the same head asplode!

I don't know if Elf would be Elf without Will Ferrell. It might have been a cute movie without him but it wouldn't have become my new Christmas tradition.

Sara said...

Is it just me or does Barbra Streisand's body language make her look really unhappy to be a part of the photo?

Tenley said...

Gwen looks dangerously like another elf -- that little elf who wanted to be a dentist in the Rudolph cartoon.

feraltart said...

Love me some Alec Baldwin! Thanks Enty!

lanasyogamama said...

I feel so embarrassed for all those Baldwins.

Demi is soooooo pathetic.

Chrissy Buns said...

hahaha Mooshki! i was thinking 'new hairdo for Gwen, same old same old for Gavin *snicker snicker*'

Marna Palmer said...

LOL @ Tenley! She does!! what was his name? Aw, he just wanted to fix teeth.

I am SO SAD I will not get to see Elf. I wanted to take my cousin & sister but tickets are PRICEY. Oh well, I'll make myself content with watching the movie in my own comfy living room while eating a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie Dough. First viewing is on Thanksgiving Day! Ya'll are welcome to join me. ;)

ardleighstreet said...

The elf from Rudolph who wanted to be a dentist was named Hermie. Gwen does look like him. Hair by Rankin/Bass ---Good choice Gwen.

The only reason this stuck out in my mind is because in college there was a guy who thought he was the biggest stud in the world and he looked exactly like Hermie. That's what all the girls called him. He never caught on until one of his frat brothers told him just why he was being called Hermie. He changed the ugly hairstyle right after that.

PotPourri said...

I love the Baldwins, but none of them have aged very well.

Gwen, stop that mess.

Jerry said...

That's George Wendt? Really?

MnGddess said...

DAMMIT! I want Demi's shoes. Even though I'd fall off of them.


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