Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

It seems hard to believe, but I think this is the first time Olivia Williams has ever been in the photos.
So, the question is do you think Pink is pregnant?
A few words from the Prince to the Princess.
Rebecca Gayheart getting a night out. You can't see Eric, but he is to her right.
Rihanna shares some reading tips with a group of kids.
Scarlett J has been named babe of the year by GQ. Umm, if they would airbrush me this much, I too could be babe of the year. Well, for Food & Wine or Bacon Monthly.
Meanwhile, this is her husband in some stills from Green Lantern.
Sam Worthington enjoying a beer.
Meanwhile Danielle Staub looks like she is desperate for one.
Huh. Taylor Hicks is still out there working it.
Vanessa Hudgens sneaking into the airport.
Zachary Levi with some freshly bleached teeth. Wow they are white.


skeeball said...

Good for Taylor Hicks, he is still plugging along and working.

jbdean_79 said...
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Meg said...

If Pink is pregnant, I wonder if she is still speaking to Jillian Reynolds!

Really classy, RiHanna

Enty, you don't think Scarlett is pretty??? I thought she was the ideal woman for some men...(maybe I've just heard my husband say that too much). Did anyone see her on SNL??? She didn't get many laughs. I kind of felt sorry for her...the writing can be so terrible.

Pookie said...

ohhhh...i think pink is can't just lose those rock-hard abs she's had forever w/ bloat or maybe it's the angle, but her boobs look a little bigger too. yay her if she is!

bad pic of gayheart...but at least that blue is gorgeous on her.

all that money...and still no ounce of class. boo on you, rhianna.

i wouldn't have know that was scarjo had you not said so, enty...she's beautiful as is...why all the photoshop?

timebob said...

I thought Scar went over like a lead baloon on SNL (only January Jones has been worse). It is that same character the tough queens girl selling dumb things skit.

And I didn't like all that heavy brown eye makeup with pale lipstick. It washed her all out. And don't even get me started on the hair. Those curls oofa.

Arcarde Fire saved the day.

Meg said...

@timebob - YES, I was going to say the same thing. Her makeup and that hair were GOD awful. The best part of the show for me is always Seth Meyers & even Weekend Update wasn't as funny as usual.

Angela said...

@ jbdean_79
An actor in Hollywood can get the same roles for decades, even if he's grayer and more wrinkled. Cary Grant played the bachelor in North By Northwest and yet he was almost the same age as the actress who played his mother.

Meanwhile, there's almost no tolerance towards actresses. Look at almost every big female star who turns around 40. Her movie career just dies, she isn't accepted as a lead actress anymore. Of course, there are exceptions. But remember Glenn Close, Jennifer Lopez since she had kids and many many others. They're now only good for TV, even if they're talented.
That's why you get so many actresses and celebrities trying to push their moment of glory a little longer, with Botox and surgery, and they don't understand they're actually destroying their own faces. Their career is even more based on looks than for men. If you look too old, nobody cares for you and you're out.

Ms Cool said...

The beauty of Scarlett Johansson evades me. She is just plain odd looking and a terrible actress. Her hair was horrible on SNL and her eyes are very odd - like they are pulled or something.

@Angela - I think you are right and it would be nice if one actress just looked natural. Our eyes are expecting their features to be in a certain place and they aren't.

However, many of the leading men are getting surgery, too. Look at Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas. Off topic but since you mentioned him, Cary Grant was dreamy throughout his whole life.

mooshki said...


Angela, you're right, but this is definitely not the solution to the problem!

Honestly, I don't think Staub has had as much work done as everyone thinks she has. If you look at pics of her when she was young, she has always had a really odd face.

memyselfandi said...

I think Pink may be pregnant and if so, I would be so happy for her and Cary. I've always loved them together...through their ups and downs.

RocketQueen said...

@jbdean - agree. I used my finger to cover up the upper part of her face, then the lower. They totally don't match. The top is smooth and tight and botoxed to hell, the bottom looks like its melting. Yuck.

I have always thought Scarlett is gorgeous - at any weight.

Will be very happy for Pink if she is. I love her and Carey together.

selenakyle said...

Soooo...Rihanna is down in the dregs of society with LiLo with her "I'm being ironic" bullshit.

And around kids, no less.

Well, fuck YOU, RiRi, and your low-class having self, you dumb twat.

nunaurbiz said...

Whether she's pregnant or just got some happiness flab, good for Pink. Because she does look very happy. (Another sign, looks like her roots are showing...)

musesx9 said...

I don't recall Pink having rock hard abs. She has always had a tight body, but her stomach always "guyish." straight, no curves, and no AB definition. Sorry, go look.
I would like to think it's beer bloat, with her body type it's likely, however, now with the rumors...

parissucksliterally said...

Pink is pregnant. That stomach looks hard.

Great pics of Scarlett, even if she photoshopped to death.

Anotheramy said...

Im pretty sure there was an announcement about Pinks pregnancy a few days ago.

Miss X said...

Yes, I think Pink is pregnant.

to whomever mentioned DS's top & bottom of her face don't match, you are so right.

nunaurbiz said...

Also, about ScarJo: What the H type of pose is that? Is that supposed to look sexy? It looks like a ragdoll thrown on the floor. I swear, you gotta think the photogs who take those "fashiony" photos must be gay because how can that be sexy??? Guys???? Explain???

lanasyogamama said...

I think Pink will make a great Mom if it's true. She seems really bright and caring.

That's as bad as I've ever seen the princess look.

So Rebecca, not as many wild nights anymore with the kid around, huh?

The Ryan/ScarJo marriage seems off to me.

PotPourri said...

ScarJo has always been a dog to me. Her misplaced mole, her implants sit too high, almost on her shoulders because she is so tiny, and her nose...she's had so much plastic surgery, bet yet, her nose is odd.

PotPourri said...

LOve Gayheart and Dane. I hope they love being parents. Their lives have been hard with substance struggles.

Robert said...

If you want to see someone who hasn't had work done (that I can see, anyway) go to IMDB and check out Julia Ormond at this year's Oscars. She's still beautiful but unravaged by Botox or plastic (that I can see, anyway.)

MnGddess said...

Zachary Levi is BLINDINGLY handsome. Absolutely gorgeous.


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