Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Liza Minelli in some kind of choir robe, but the botox looks great.
Mischa Barton wins the shortest dress of the day award.
Mark Sanchez does a little workout for the cameras.
Mariah Carey can always find Nick. I wonder what kind of cravings Mariah is having.
The Olsen twins with a rare smile. Must have found a buy one get one free deal on clothes that are 20 sizes too big.
Peter Andre shows off a t-shirt that makes you look muscular. Hmmm. Might need that. It also seems to make the tops of women just magically fall off.
"My promise to you is that if this book does not mention EVOO 200 times, you will get your money back."
The entire interview consisted of Rachael saying EVOO and yum.
Taylor Swift in Japan. Maybe she and Keifer can hook up for a drink or 20.
Meanwhile, the other half of Jaylor was with Anne Hathaway doing press.
Will Ferrell shows off the afro he is growing.


looserdude said...

Jaylor? HA! That cracks me up.

Patty said...

Please close your mouth Rachel.

MacVixen said...

Someone please help me understand why Anne hathway drives me crazy. I don't find her attractive, I don't think she is a very good actress and every time I see a picture of her I want to scream. It's a totally irrational feeling towards an actress.. I'm a bit confused as to why she gets me way more worked up than other folks that are truly scandalous.

Now Jakey on the other hand, all of a sudden that boy is revving my engines. I don't care if he's Toothy Tile or not, he's looking GOOD these days.

jess said...

For the past few weeks everytime I see a pic of Mischa on vintage looking clothes all I see is Betty Draper.
-Jaylor! ahahahaha...

Pookie said...

jaylor? *headdesk*

mischa needs to rethink the mini-dress look.

is raechael (or however she spells it) losing weight? she's looking better lately.

RocketQueen said...

Rachel couldn't keep her mouth shut if she tried. That voice. It hurts my head.

The Olsons look like wooly mammoths. How can they think that looks good?!

chopchop said...

Have Liza's eyes always been that far apart? Or is that a side effect of having your face pulled every few years?

Tenley said...

It's like the Olsen twins just don't give a damn anymore. You used to be able to tell them apart and now, they're so not into it they're morphing into the same ugly old lady who wears absurdist clothes.

parissucksliterally said...

It is fucking ridiculous that now I have to know who the younger fucking Kardashians are? Just because one is tall, does not mean they should model. For fuck's sake, Khloe is tall, and she is butt UGLY.

MadLyb said...

"Jaylor"? That's awesome, LOL!!

lanasyogamama said...

I think Anne Hathaway is really great looking. She looks like a real person, just MUCH BETTER.

How does Mischa not know that her legs aren't good????

parissucksliterally said...

Mischa has the worst legs in Hollywood.

I just realized my previous post is in the wrong thread. oops.

nunaurbiz said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh was that a hint of something to come or a reveal on Taylor Swift??????????????

Meg said...

What the hell are those women wearing??? Looks like some kind of Spanx. Who is Pete Andre?

OMG, THANK YOU to whoever posted that link to Food Network Humor. I think I wasted a full hour reading that blog. I almost wet my pants reading the 30 Minute Meals Flow Chart.

I want to see Love & Other Drugs....


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