Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Halle Berry looks almost perfect.
Leighton Meester. Not so much.
And it gets worse from behind.
Some Hollywood parties just can't attract any celebrities and you get a crowd like this. The sad thing is Robin Thicke played at this event and still this is it.
Huh, so James Caan is a lime in water drinker too. I thought I was the only one. Here he is with Stephen Dorff.
Jennifer Morrison looking lovely.
Looks like Kaley Cuoco has made a full recovery. Here she is with Christopher French.
Katherine Heigl out shopping with list in hand.
Kings Of Leon - New York City
Kelly Osbourne is your airbrushed like crazy Shape cover person of the month.
So, will someone please tell me who the idiots are that keep purchasing enough Katie Price stuff that companies are willing to make more.
Huh. Little Red Riding Hood never looked like this when I was a kid.
Megan Fox borrows some of BAG's pants.


looserdude said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I shouldn't be able to see your ass through your dress.

Pookie said...

teehee @ looserdude! love it. leighton really blew it.

omg, how embarrassing that party fail. who's party was it?

jennifer morrison does look lovely.

seriously, wth is wrong w/ the editors and PSers at shape? enough already.

katie price looks more vulgar than pamela anderson. impressive.

RocketQueen said...

Katie Price and Stephen Dorff are the same colour.

I can't explain it, but I really like Meester. She wears crazy outfits and she overcame a lot to get where she is today. Also, her character on GG is hilarious. Go her.

awesome balla. said...

club soda/water (with/without vodka) and lime is my drank!

halle berry looks exactly the same on every red carpet.

nancer said...

i know someone who waited on halle berry in L.A. a few years ago. she said she saw a lot of stars but she never in her life saw anyone that perfectly beautiful.

KellyLynn said...

Kelly Osbourne looks better without the airbrushing.

Danielle said...

Kelly osbourne looks like Jessica Capshaw on that Shape cover (Arizona from Grey's).

jess said...

Leighton is gorgeous and I guess she was trying to be high-fashion but still why would anyone wear that?
-hahahaa..who's party was that?
-Ugh...Katie Price is unbelievable, she keeps getting tackier.
-Megan Fox looks way too skinny or is it because of the pants?

KP said...

Who did that to Leighton Meester??

RocketQueen said...

@K - I think Leighton did that to Leighton :) I'm beginning to suspect she's trying to be "the anti-Blake Lively"

Mango said...

What rabid dog savaged Leighton Meester's trou? And please tell me that isn't her bare ass under that lace.

Can't wait until Kaley Cuoco is back on TBBT. Penny and Sheldon are my favorite characters.

I caught Katie Price on an ep of Graham Norton and she was surprisingly quick and funny. Vulgar as all hell but funny.

Meg said...

LMAO @ looserdude

I like Leighton & I LOVE Blair Waldorf. But Leighton's sense of style? Not so much. But I know nothing of high fashion, so...
She is a brave one to show her ass (literally) in public.

amazonblue said...

Ok, I'm lost, what happened to Kaley Cuoco? I've noticed she's barely been on this season, but what's up with her?

mikey said...

@amazonblue - she broke her leg and wasn't in a few episodes. Have you noticed since she's back she's been sitting?

yourfaceisamess said...

Leighton's outfit: vomit.

Heigel pic: love it, she looks good.

Kings of Leon: love them & their new song.

[ ♥ тαммι ¢нєяιѕє ] said...

My word, what on earth is Leighton wearing!? I love her but, wow. She just looks AWFUL there ):

Not as awful as Katie Price though. *shudder*


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