Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

The New England Patriots are not my favorite team, but I love when football players and celebrities take the time to go visit hospitals. Think about how happy they have made this kid. Top spot.
Do you think Ali ever gets tired of explaining to people what she does for a living. "Umm, I was on The Bachelorette and now, I umm, do nothing."
Anne Hathaway and Jake G at a Love & Other Drugs screening.
Leelee Sobieski and her very, very short haircut were also in attendance.
Ditto Oliver Platt and his wife Mary.
Nope. Ashlee can wear glasses, but I still don't like her. I think she has also dropped to like 20 pounds.
Balthazar Getty and Rosetta seem to be all good.
I think Brett Ratner is telling Ben Stiller he has a face for radio.
Brian Wilson attempts to convince Jessica Lowndes that despite his hair color for men beard disaster that he is a professional baseball player.
And Jenna Dewan shows you what using an entire tube of lipstick looks like.
Danny Masterson shows off his growing mustache.
Gerard Butler is smiling. Must have just got a nice pat down.
It's Ribisi time. Giovanni and Lucia.


New Life and Attitude said...

Danny is looking like a 70's porn star! Just sayin'.

MnGddess said...

Gerard Butler PAT DOWN!! YEAH!!

JS said...

The Patriots have a thing called "Community Tuesday" where many of them go to schools or hosptials or anyplace else where help is needed. I like that even pro-bowlers like Brady and Wilfork get involved. Brady even made fun of his own hair by comparing it to a students last week. With this kind of effort and the Red Sox with the Jimmy Fund and hockey players that do all of this but don't get the publicity, I am proud to be a fan of the Boston teams. Oh yeah, and Tim Wakefield won the Roberto Clemente award in MLB this year; such good stories to hear.

tigerjen77 said...

Yay for Giovanni!!!
He is much too underrated.

Pookie said...

they did a good thing, so i forgive you for putting the NE Cheaters up o top.

am loving hathaway's shoes.

leelee's really does serious dom face. eek.

i love oliver platt for the sneakers. too cute.

lol @ "hair colof for men beard disaster"!

masterson & ribisis...was it a scio-sponsored event?

The Nightmare Child said...

Fuck The New England Patriots and fuck the NFL in general.

Why can't scientists come and visit kids instead of those drooling fucktards from various sports teams? We'd have less dumbasses if we showed kids the cool side of science.

jess said...

I liked Leelee's long hair.
-I agree with the first poster, Hyde's looking like a pr0n star. He's still with Bijou, right? are they still getting married?

PotPourri said...

Giovanni is a Scientologist.

nunaurbiz said...

Enty, you are spoiling me with the Gerry pics!! Keep up the good work! MWAH! Love ya!

@Nightmare: Meds wearing off?

Unknown said...

I like how directors are often photographed with their hands in that annoying box shape so they can pretend they are busy directing at that very moment.

These type of pictures are probably some of the most staged ones around.

RocketQueen said...

@Nightmare Child - here's an article that made me never want to watch football again:,0,6081163.column

Well, that and the quote yesterday by one of Michael Vick's teammates saying "He's playing so good, even the dogs are cheering!"

Sorry, don't know how to make it clickable!

Tempestuous Grape said...

I just adore Anne Hathaway.

Yeah, Bathazar looks thriiiiiilled, lol.

The Nightmare Child said...

@nunayurbiz - No, I just a deep hatred for the NFL and most of their moronic fans. I'm a fan of real football, not handegg.

@RocketQueen - I don't even need to read that to have any more hatred for the NFL or handegg...

Anonymous said...

Love Anne's outfit and shoes.

Leelee looks nice.

Ashlee looks like a bug with those glasses LOL. Can't stand her and her sister.

Balthazar the douchbag.

califblondy said...

What's handegg?

nunaurbiz said...

@Nightmare: I don't like football, either, but I don't spend any energy hating it :-)

The Nightmare Child said...

@califblondy -

@nunaurbiz - Good for you. Do you want a cookie or something?

Ruse said...

There's something so hot about Danny Masterson, total panty melter. Though I remember hearing a story about how his That 70s Show costars grew impatient with his nonstop shilling of Scientology. It's so disappointing that he, Giovanni Ribisi and Beck (who is married to Giovanni's sister Marissa) are under Xenu's spell.

parissucksliterally said...

I would totally think that Asslee is Coke Mom. she sure looks like she would be.

lanasyogamama said...

Ugh, I hate myself for thinking Asslee looks awesome!

lanasyogamama said...

I like Giovanni. He has some hotness thing going on.

califblondy said...

Okay, thanks for the info, but I still like football, the NFL, and moronic fans.

I'll take that cookie.

Mango said...

That unnamed chickie from The Bachelorette (whoever she is?)sure makes enough bank to buy a sweet purse. Or maybe she got it in trade?

Anne Hathaway and Jake look good in that pic.

Isn't Leelee Sobieski rumored to be a major kink?

Eeek! That's Asslee? I thought it was Wonky!

Danny Masterson looks like a bartender in a western saloon, circa 1850.

Shame that Ribisi (and Beck!) are part of that cult. :(

Meg said...

Balthazar looks like he's lost weight.

Love Jessica Lowndes dress.

Giovanni Ribisi is a great actor. I'd definitely like to see more of him.

Amy in MI said...

OMG Nightmare Child...ED brought back memories!!! I'm mentioned in a whole paragraph in an article about a forum I used to Admin

OH wow, the memories!!!!!

Sorry, off topic!

Tatyana said...

"Leelee Sobieski and her very, very short haircut were also in attendance"

Since when did a normal become a very, very short haircut?

Brew Belle said...

Awww, don't pick on any of my LSU Tigers. Although, Brian Wilson is a bit weird, you gotta "Fear the Beard."

JS said...

What strange logic here. I can't stand watching soccer, but that doesn't cause me to hate the sport. I just don't watch it. Michael Vick's teammates said something stupid, but so do actors/actresses and I don't avoid all movies because of one stupid statement by one person

mooshki said...

Basketball players are much more fun than football players.

yourfaceisamess said...

I thought the girl with Ribisi was Brittany Murphy (with short hair of course) at first glance over the pic/corner of my eye too.

yourfaceisamess said...



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