Monday, March 17, 2008

Bad Acting, But Hey ,There's Nudity

In an attempt to actually get a paycheck for acting and not have to start calling herself Kristen, Mischa Barton is now willing to get naked for her craft. Of course her craft isn't all that great. In the 30 second clip I watched of her naked, I had to turn the sound down because I just couldn't handle her whiny crying. If I had to watch 90 more minutes of it, I think I would be doing more drugs than she does.

So, in her new film Closing The Ring, she just gets topless. When no one actually goes to see the film because it sucks, then she will be forced to go full frontal for the next one, and by the third or fourth Razzie nomination she will be doing soft core porn and showing up to host Cinemax Friday night spank o vision.

In all fairness to Mischa, she does have a really nice pair of breasts. But then I think to myself that Cisco Adler pawed them and I jump back to reality. Should you care to watch the NSFW video, and horrible acting, then click here.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else remember, eons ago, when Mischa was dating Brandon, and he was still thin and had money? And Mischa was a "style icon"? She always looked quirky, but somehow on the edge of fashion...

I'm guessing it was Brandon's money at the time paying for the outfits...and now that she's looks like maybe she's just assembling outfits from whatever wanting-to-make-a-name-for-themself designer sends her for free? Thats the only explanation I can come up with for these delusional outfits...even drugs cant make a woman dress this bad, can they?

Ellen said...

I think you just confirmed that she's the subject of the blind of the actress at unrelated (to her) movie premieres that's doing hard drugs.

I knew it!

I can't wait until she's now famous any more.

Unknown said...

why is the movie in spanish?

selenakyle said...

Amen, trix! No WAY anyone could remotely think that get-up is stylish, fashionable, attractive, whatEVER--no amount of drugs ever made me dress that stupidly!

Reese said...

I used to enjoy laughing at Mischa's fashion disasters, but now I suspect mental illness (brought on by hard drug use) might be a factor. I'm not sure even Britney or LiLo would leave the house looking that awful.

Is Mischa now forced to work in the Spanish market? I know she's box office poison, but I didn't realize things were that bad. What's next, Bollywood?


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