Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is The Child Abuser Lying? - Another Damn Hooker Story

I thought I was done with The Hooker. Ashley Dupre has made me say the word hooker more than all my trips to Amsterdam combined. And to make matters worse I have had to talk about Joe Francis again and again, but on the bright side, maybe he is looking at some more jail time.

So yesterday I just threw out the whole thing about The Hooker being 17 when this happened, simply because Joe and the GGW people obviously have had a problem in the past with checking i.d's and such. That is why Joe is now a convicted child abuser and I refer to him as such. I still don't understand why the FBI has not raided his offices to verify identifications with the tapes of girls. I would call them women, but I think when you are 16 and 17, you can still be called a girl. This is not to be confused with the kind of girl, the rest of his fellow inmates though Joe was with his long hair as they spent quality time with him each evening. Or at least I hope they did and that he is afraid to fall asleep ever again.

So after spending way too much time looking at Florida law last night, I have to agree with the child abuser that as long as The Hooker was filmed in a public location, she was above the age of 16, and no one touched her, she could be filmed stripping. That is Florida law. However, when Joe was running off at the mouth about the 7 full length tapes he has of her, he said this:

"We have some really great footage of Ashley," "Girls Gone Wild" CEO Joe Francis said. "There's a very good shower scene that alone is worth the money." Francis told the Daily News that Ashley was "a total 'GGW' groupie. She was really into girl-on-girl action and she was all over the guys, too."

Yesterday when all the crap hit the fan, he had this to say:

"We are getting pressure from her lawyer," Francis said at his Santa Monica, Calif., office Wednesday. "As soon as we withdrew the million dollar offer—he is just mad because her price has dropped. Even if she was only 17, we could still release it. There was no sexual contact. There's only nudity."

So which is it? Girl on girl and all over the guys, or no sexual contact? The ones they end up selling will follow the law, but if I were the cops, I might want to take a look at all of the 7 full length tapes before they suddenly disappear.

In case you are absolutely bored out of your mind today and want to know why a 17 year old can be filmed topless in Florida, read the case Lane v. MRA Holdings. Just do a Google search and you can find it.


Ask A Hooker said...

You're not the only one who remembers him saying that, and now the backpedaling.

The feds better look at those tapes, they'd be just stupid not to now.

I guess I'll write about that when I get back later today!

For our CDAN friends: Are some women just born to be sluts?

Ask A Hooker said...
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kat_angel_98 said...

I'm currently taking a Mass Media Law and Ethics course. I just took an exam today, actually, some of which addressed consent from a minor. Now, it didn't cover lewd acts, but as I understand it (which it does differ in each state, but the Supreme Court generally agrees) that if a minor "is capable of appreciating the nature, extent, and probable consequence of said conduct" then it is valid consent, even if parental consent is not obtained (or flat out refused). In following with this statement, a high school aged person is intelligent (I know, I know, we're talking about The Hooker) enough to give legal consent, while an elementary school aged person is probably not.

Just thought I'd share :)

jax said...

i think so.
i've watched a lot of documentaries about the sex industry. you know how many porn stars claim to just love sex,why not get paid for it? i'm sure some are lying through their teeth..but you know there has to be some who really do.

Khemenu said...

If you love sex you have sex for free. Obviously these people must also like making money as well. Also, for porn stars, they must get some gratification out of the filming aspect of it otherwise they'd be an escort or a stripper instead of having sex for money on film.

Lots of people love sex. Most do not charge or pay money for it.

Kim said...

Maybe it's both. If there are seven tapes, there has to be a lot of stuff, and if she was traveling on the party bus for a week...

well, you get the idea.

jax said...

"Lots of people love sex. Most do not charge or pay money for it."

well no shit but the topic is about hookers n porn.

Khemenu said...

My point was that it's not a good arguement for being a prostitute.

Khemenu said...
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Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Not to rain on anyone's parade or anything, but this scandal is so friggin' old news. I am so bored of it, it's not funny. I am also very bored of the same picture of her with her manly jaw and orange towel-esque shorts. My kingdom for a little Brit-Brit meltdown!

jax said...

who said that was my augument?
i was answering askahookers question.

you're talking like we're discusssing 'normal' people, which we aren't. whores n hookers. many of which claim they got into it becasue they love to f* why not get paid for it? is THEIR claim.
these are born sluts IMO. girls who have shitty lives and are abused are a diff story altogether but we talking sluts here.

Khemenu said...

ugh...I never said it was "your" arguement I just said it was a generic arguement that's used.

What the fuck is a "born slut"? Are you suggesting there are 2 month old slutty babies out there?

Khemenu said...

The second part of my last comment was for anyone using the term "born slut", not just jax.

jax said...

lol thanks for clearing that up.

i'd say a born slut is not a damn baby-sick.

people are born everyday with prexisting things that will effect their lives as adults...some are born with super charged sex drives and like to get laid, don't have inhibitions and just don't care. some are very private. i could never in a million years do porn but i knew a few in HS who looked forward to getting into that becasue the money was decent and they liked it.

One may or may not have f*cked Ben Affleck when he was still with Jlo.
You all remember that one...?
Ya THAT girl had NO SHAME, never did even in school.
anyway i could talk about this all day becasue i find it intriguing.

anyone else want to weight in on born sluts?

lutefisk said...

She sings! She dances! She has no stage frieght & is willing to try anything. This young "ahem" lady should be give a variety show with her brother, who was just arrested for the 2nd time selling heroin to high school kids.
Seriouly--she was 17 & on a Girls Gone Wild bus? She must have started this behavior VERY young, which may back up Jax's theory! There are people whol love the notariety, attention, & cash aka Paris Hilton.

Moonmaid said...

Adrian, hasn't everyone known a girl (or 2) in high school like this? Pretty and sometimes even nice, but out of control, into anything and everything?

Joe Francis, in my view, exploits young girls who are either drunk or have severe issues, and he is the lowest of the low.

I remember reading an article several years back that said how most women involved in professional sex businesses - prostitutes, strippers, porn actresses, etc - were sexually abused at a young age. It's all about control, controlling sex with men, etc. Sad stuff.

Maybe he and Kim Kardashian could just fall into a hole together and the world would be a far better place.


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