Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Photos Part One

“I think about what it would be like to have a daughter now, one who is influenced by Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears – and, ugh, it’s so depressing. Where are the other young Hollywood role models who are cool, smart, and out there doing something with their lives? There’s a definite responsibility that comes with being famous. You shouldn’t be able to just dress up and look pretty.” Women's Health April 2008. Thank you Rashida Jones.
Johnny Depp on the set of his new film.

After this event, Brittany Murphy must have gone out to Sunset to work the street or something.
"Must get gin on the way home from work."
I'm thinking this is one Dancing With The Stars couple that is not going to hook up. If they do, I am taking up dancing.
I know I am a perv when all it takes is a little skin for me to think that Mel C doesn't look all that bad.
For all of you David Boreanaz fans.
Put some fake breasts on the ball and you have Victoria Beckham.
I think any night that David Arquette doesn't have to deal with Jennifer Aniston is a good night in his world.
You know those tribes in Africa that elongate their necks artificially? Brooke Shields is their Queen.
Hey Nicola Roberts. Good news.
You are not the ugly one anymore.
The baby bump is gone. Must have been constipation.
I'm guessing Elizabeth Berkeley has a double chin she doesn't want us to know about. Or she got a new chin.
The Tussauds people are getting really good.

I'm just happy to see Lucy Liu in anything other than those outfits she wears on her new show.
Lukas Haas is up for a Carson Daly award. Eat something man.
Keith Urban - Byron Bay
John Butler - Byron Bay
Rumer Willis - Fug Bay
I do love me some Rosario Dawson.
"Is that stick, or are you just happy to see me?"
Dry humping on the red carpet is really not that attractive.
Does Nicole Richie ever stay home? I'm guessing she is still breastfeeding though.
Xavier Rudd - Byron Bay
Will Estes. Nothing really to say, just thought you might like him.
Taye Diggs can get away with this look because he can kick my ass if I say anything bad.
Shiva Rose. I really do love that name.


Mother Campfire said...

I like how Rashida Jones clowns on Paris Hilton when her close family friend Nicole Richie is guilty of the same $hit.

Kristen S. said...

Johnny Depp looks good for the first time since 21 Jump Street. Kudos!

YahMoBThere said...

Where are the other young Hollywood role models who are cool, smart, and out there doing something with their lives?

Rashida, YOU are a Hollywood role model. Talk about being raised well.

If that's a current photo of J-Lo after having TWINS, she bounced back faster than anyone else I know. I think that pic might be old.

Okay, Elizabeth Berkley- she was my guess for the blind on the former A lister who had great potential but hasn't done much lately.

CarolMR said...

I saw Brooke Shields in person about two years ago in NYC. She was wearing jeans and a black leather jacket. She didn't have a speck of makeup on and she looked incredible. I couldn't believe how beautiful she is and how much better she looks in person.

califblondy said...

I saw Brooke years ago in Las Vegas and she looked gorgeous and was very nice.

Unknown said...

What Ent seems to have neglected to mention is that in the rest of Rashida Jones' comments, she lists MILEY CYRUS as a good role model!

I was hoping Ent would have something to say about that given all the attention he gave Cyrus's posed party photos.

jax said...

i'm going out for a swish dinner with some friends Saturday and a server there tipped us off that Johnny Depp was booked in for later that night. we switched our reservations for later!!!

sorry had to share i know you bitches love johnny. lol.
him n colin farell are in town finishing up the Heath Ledger flick. i may lose it if i see Colin.

ablake said...

The more I see Johnny Depp, the more I kind of don't want to see him. And I LOVE him:(

Angel turned that woman into a vampire. Or ate her hairline. Holy cow!

Love Keith Urban :)

Okay Nicole Richie has got to be the answer to the blind of the new mom who grew tired of her baby pretty much instantly.

YahMoBThere said...

You're mean and if 'swish dinner' means what I think it does, I hope those queens drop you from their fag hag

Okay, seriously - good luck on that, Jax. I hope you get to see/meet/fondle him.

ablake said...

Jax I'm pretty sure Johnny goes in and out with some tight security.

Colin however...well just scope out where they tell the smokers to go.
Man he's hot as hell.

Breathe deep that air and enjoy your dinner!

GammaGirl said...

Uhhh, when did Rashida Jones own up to being best buds with Nicole Ritchie? The only other I time I remember her commenting on either Paris or Nicole was a little blurb about how obnoxious they were as kids.

Will Estes has always been a hottie!

OG Gossipmonger said...

Damn right Adam & Julianne will never hook up. He drives her CRAZY & plus, he would never cheat on Lynette.
Unless it was with Julianne Hough. Oh wait..........
haha jk
(sorry i listen to him TALK for 4 hours a day)

mandythegreat said...

I have no problems seeing Johnny Depp play John Dillinger. Mama like.

Lux Luthor said...

Ugh. Rumer Willis has that same blank, "deer caught in the headlights" look she always has that makes me want to kick her right between the eyes. Granted, I am not down with the whole "being the child of someone famous automatically makes you a celebrity too" mentality, but still: I can't understand why she's always getting her picture taken. Is it just because people are fascinated by the cruel joke nature played on her?

I love me some Rosario Dawson too, and thanks for the Taye Diggs!

just saying... said... i'll be with my girls that night. Swish as in $$$$ for some steak n grilled prawns. It's my BFFs 30th so we are doing it up big.

He may have security but that is no match for my stealth like abilities. honestly-im only gonna gawk from afar, autographs in restaurants are tacky.
he's shooting Dillanger too so who knows if i'll see squat.

Brenda22 said...

Fergie still looks pregnant to me. And that pic in the black dress was more than just bloat. For the sake of that baby, I hope it takes after Josh in the looks department.

Molly said...

just saying... said... i'll be with my girls that night. Swish as in $$$$ for some steak n grilled prawns. It's my BFFs 30th so we are doing it up big.

He may have security but that is no match for my stealth like abilities. honestly-im only gonna gawk from afar, autographs in restaurants are tacky.
he's shooting Dillanger too so who knows if i'll see squat.

Huh. Interesting that Jax is posting as Just Saying. I was just saying that the only time Just Saying posts is to bitch about other posters. Why don't you just do it under your own name, Jax?

Winston Ono said...


jax said...

LOL nope on a shared busted my coworker..LMAO Susan!

oh and she is a bitch.

jax said...

trust me, i've never had a prob saying my opinion in the past.

YahMoBThere said...

Whatever - I agree with everyone who posted that people who stay here and do nothing but bitch are stupid. Go find a blog you'll be happy on.

Maybe he'll give your bff something special for her 30th? Like an autograph or picture - get yer mind outta the gutter, girl!

Swish is money? Who knew?

YahMoBThere said...

Yeah, I'll vouch for that. Jax has never had any problem giving her opinion.

My hair is still

link88 said...

Molly, I caught that, too. Oops, someone forgot which account they were using!

I think a few of the regulars are either the bloggers or friends of the bloggers and that occasionally false "bitch fights" get started in an effort to garner some interest since interest has gone way down on this blog.

How is Jax going to handle this one - say Just Saying was responding as her? It's way too responsive and sounding like Jax (e.g. "my girls"), and there's no reason Just Saying would fake a normal response that isn't antagonistic. Busted!

jax said...

what were you thinking it was??

i would SO love that to happen but it won't,most we'll see if a small entourage being ushered to the VIP

Amber said...

Love love love Rashida. So what if she's friends with Nicole. Nicole > Paris any day, and you all know it!

jax said...

dude when you share a computer and someone doesn't sign out on blogger and you dont notice- you will post under that name. I share a computer with 2 other women, all who read CDAN.

would you like a DNA sample?

YahMoBThere said...

You can't tell from my response? I thought you meant 'my gays' I swear, I've never heard the term swish before. Coin yes. A fin, sure. A sawbuck, okay. Swish? Er, no.

link88 said...

Oh, she'll claim her coworker shares her computer, watches her not work and read posts and comment on here all day, and then follow a thread and posts that non-funny personal response in her "Just Saying" account, while Jax is temporarily away from the computer. Okay. Good one, guys!

YahMoBThere said...

Trentb, women I work with have done the same thing on another forum, so yeah, it happens. Luckily, I'm the only lame ass that posts to CDaN in our office, and I own the joint, so nobody touches my 'puter.

Molly said...

Jax, I can see that happening. Sorry I made a big deal out of it.

Trentb who are you? I don't remember you posting before so is this a second name? Let it go.

Winston Ono said...

yeah i really don't care either...i thought it was funny

jax said...

look Trent if this were after 5pm or on a weeknd then you'd have me as i would be at home at my own personal computer.

sorry buddy find your conspiracy elsewhere..i tell it like it is, i don't need to hide behind an alter ego.

ablake said...

While I understand not wanting to be 'that guy' (the one who asks for an autograph)
I kind of think I would be that guy, if it's a once and a lifetime sort of thing.
They say no? Well then, you leave with what you came with. *shrug*

Either way, you are gonna have some AWESOME scenery.

sneak some camera pics, ninja style?


Kory said...

I know that I stand alone when I say that Johnny Depp is just OK, but those clothes he is wearing is making me change my mind.

ablake said...

And yeah..I don't know jax but I've read her enough to have her back here. She doesn't hide what she has to say, that I've seen. Ever.

She's had plenty of people jump her for her comments, as a matter of fact. She's the same person she always has been, from when I began reading this blog.

She's solid

jax said...

i will do my best.

link88 said...

This is sad. I don't care either, and it is funny!

ablake said...

for what it's worth, the 2 females I hang out with socially (dinner..drinks) when we are away from our SO's ..we kind of tend to talk alike. It's annoying because I don't know if they are copying me or if I'm copying them.

You know what though? I bet they are copying me.

I'm just that awesome

(disclaimer I have an ear infection and the antibiotic kicked in about 10 minutes ago. Disregard anything from me for the next 8-12 hours, pls)

jax said...

im over it.

no worries feel better...sweater!

Unknown said...

Either there's something wrong with my computer or Brittany Murphy has the most serious case of wonk eye FACT, that is BEYOND wonk eye, that's some serious Picasso shit right there....O_o


jax said...

i don't see the wonk eye but i DO see the wonk tits. maybe its just the shirt.

YahMoBThere said...

Hey Sweater, feel better. I'm still LMAO that you got banned from Kim Kardashian's site for posting, "Die in a stupid fire bitch."

jax said...

ok kids the last boss just left...i'm out!!!

A very Happy Easter to you all...even you Trent ya shit (read my blog you may understand me better)

El- i hope a special Bunny finds you and gives you a lohan. or a Davis, your choice.
Blowjobs for everyone!

YahMoBThere said...

Happy Easter, Jax. Remember the grass in Easter baskets is plastic, 'k? ;-P

jax said...

aww Twist,ruin my special hunt.
ps that was me posting under JS by accident on the Lohan post,shit i wonder where else i did that??

love to all! said...

Jax - OMG if you meet Johnny Depp or even just lay eyes on him in the flesh, I will worship at YOUR feet forever!

And why is Nicole Richie standing in front of a pile of fluorescent english peas?

surfer said...

hey twisty,

I know it's a little late (been working like crazy and unable to post), but I just wanted to add my two cents to the swish bit. I always took swish to mean "fancy, shmancy" more than expensive, although it can be both.

Have a great long weekend.

surfer said...

and jax, if you're still around - I luv, luv your avatars. What site do you get them from? I've been looking around, but haven't really found anything juicy!

YahMoBThere said...

Surfer, you were a lot closer than I

Wha??? Nobody is going to read the blog tomorrow but me?

surfer said...

lol twisty - I'll be around, just @ home, not @ work.

see ya

Moonmaid said...

Fug Bay, lol. Mean but funny.

Nice to see Johnny Depp not afraid of showing his handsome face for once.

anna said...

i saw rumor willis in real life once and she looks very different -- it's hard to believe, given the pics, but her face was all in proportion.

but yeah, why is she photographed everywhere?

enjoy the weekend, all!

trixalicious said...

Will Estes and Jamie Bamber in the same week of random photos?

I think Ent's been reading my diary.

Unknown said...

mmmmmmmmmm john butler.

and on the cross-posting situation... it's odd that the 'computer sharing' wasn't mentioned until whomever slipped up and posted under the wrong name, lol.


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