Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Danity Kane and virgins go together like...well really like nothing. Can they even remember that far back?
Chuck Berry - Amsterdam
Bindi Irwin debuts her clothing line by walking the runway.
Amy Winehouse joins this week's nudity parade. Do you only get impetigo on your face or can that be an all over kind of thing?
These are just a couple of models at the Gucci fashion show in Sydney, but I wanted to get your opinions on the little measles on the guy's tux. Yea or Nay?
Have I told you how much I like Grace Park? Well, now I have.
In case you were wondering what happened to Edward James Olmos. Well some of you were wondering. OK, a few.
It really looks like the NBA players are posing with some cardboard cutout of Donatella Versace and having to pay $3 for the privilege. It really is her though.
See. You really can't fake those lips. Well you can, and I'm sure she has spent some money, but you get what I mean. Maybe you don't though and you have just been staring at Jonathon Rhys-Mears.
A couple who only dates when the world thinks they are divorcing isn't that great of a couple.
Laura Bryna - New York City
Lets take a vote on whether JC Chasez is gay.
Wow. I think at this point I would rather almost date the pit bull and not Jessica Biel. Her "trainer" must have made her mad.
Jamie Bamber looks pretty good. First time on the site I think.
Just easier to copy. Thinking hurts too much for Jessica Simpson. Oh, and the Mavericks lost so her jinx apparently spreads to all Dallas teams.
Sheryl Crow - New York
Russell Brand was in LA, and I didn't even know. This is one guy I would love to hang out with.

If I wore what Mark Ronson is wearing in this photo, I would look like some fat guy in a 70's porn film. It is almost like a leisure suit, and yet, he makes it look good.

31 comments: said...

I know I am going to catch hell for this any of you find Bindi Irwin kind of creepy?

notvotingforsuckno said...

That kid is so not normal.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

I think Bindi is kind of creepy. Partly, I think it had to do with how well and publicly she took her dad's death.

Jonathon Rhys-Meyers is so hot, but I can't help but get uncomfortable looking at him. His stare says, "I know your sins."

I would hang out with Mark Ronson if I didn't think I'd catch something.

Tigercat said...

Bindi gives me the heebie jeebies. I thought I was alone on that one.

Brenda22 said...

Anyone else think Bindi looks like Clooney's girlfriend, Sara Larson?

Tigercat said...

Everytime I see Donatella I immediately think Fragglerock.

Unknown said...

No implants in THAT Amy Winehouse photo... ;)

Oh, and EL? A big 'ole Nay to that Gucci measle tux... Yeah, nay...

OMG! That Donatella w/the NBA players photo made me laugh so hard! And also made me think "wow, that lady's got some fat ankles..." They make me sort of shudder when I look at them... Cankles.

Why vote? Whatever JC might be, but for what it's worth, I think he's into both.

Ha! Ha! Ha! I think I just literally laughed my friggin ass off at the Tony/Jess shot.

Thank you for brightening an otherwise gloomy day.

Anonymous said...

Bindi for a kid that young and having her dad die the way he did you would think she would not want to be on TV for a while. Money talks or something is talking to Bindi LOL.

Donatella - always thought with all that money she has and never did anything to improve her face or lips LOL.

Madonna - I am getting so tired of her. She should have waited the 6-8 months that she was moving to NY instead of making a comment now. If her marriage was so good why would she move so far away from the husband?

JC - very gay.

Jessica Bimbo Simpson - Still can't stand her.

Clair said...

The little measles are a yea and a nay. The jacket and the pants are way too much together, but I would love the jacket with a black tux pant with the same cut as shown. And total fug on the white shirt with black buttons. Simple white shirt, no tie, top button undone.

lutefisk said...

Guy & Madonna look like their heads were glued on to someone else's bodies--must be the angles. Doesn't he have a neck?

jax said...


Mark Ronson and I. no snark just like the sound of that.

Bindi- man i just know something in the future will happen and i really hope it doesnt involve Joe Francis. shudder.

aww poor Biel..ya RIGHT! snort.

wtf is up with JRM villiam mustache? is he doing silent films now?

of course Madonna and Guy havent divorced yet..they haven't decided who gets custody of his balls.

the Liechtenstein tux has got to go!

that pic of amy has to be on the old side, i think she has a few more tatoos now.

jax said...

uh that is a villian mustache i meant.

Anonymous said...

lol@jax - who gets the balls LOL.

califblondy said...

Donatella somehow manages to get even stranger looking. Poor woman. I always thought Gianni was a handsome guy. Is Donatella losing her hair? She's got that Vivica Fox hairline going on. Whatever happened to that hot, gay model Donatella was married to? I think I read they had divorced, but I'm not sure.

I feel better now for cringing everytime I see Bindi. I really hope she's an okay little girl, but it's got to be too much for someone so young.

lutefisk said...

I think Donatella basically has a full weave at this point.

captivagrl said...

clair - i agree with your tux comments...... i like the photo of amy...... and madonna, you're not fooling anyone(well maybe some but not me).... without the long hair bindi would be an adorable little boy. i can't imagine her in a pink dress and sandals.

rakemama said...

Is that really Chuck Berry? I just assumed he was dead...huh, well, good for you, Chuck.

Ellen said...

Re: Gucci


littleoleme said...

Bindi is a strange kid. It's very weird how composed she was after he dad's death. Very strange indeed.
Ha! I'm listneing to Russell Brand's podcast right now. I love him.

trashtalker said...

Yah for the Battlestar Galactica folks! Three of 'em in one RPs -- thanks, Ent.

Unknown said...

Bindi is not only creepy but the poor thing looks like Gollum from LOTR. Not fortunate at all. Lucky she is rich.

But I really only came in here to comment on Donatella's Cankles. Is it just the angle of the shot? They seem to be the only chunky thing about her!

Mel said...

You have good taste Ent -Russell Brand is hilarious.

Idontwantaf*ckingblog said...

EL, I've been begging you via email to give up some dish on Russell Brand. He's doing some gigs in LA later this month - the Gleason I think.

Unknown said...

Is there anyone that doesn't find Mark Ronson at this point?

trixalicious said...

Ooh, Jamie Bamber. *drool*

Promise that one of these days you'll post a pic of him in short sleeves, so that the uninitiated can see those gorgeous arms.

Damn, he's hot for a wee little man. said...

Why is Amy Winhouse naked in the first place? Is she a sex symbol?
(I just threw up a little)

Dijea said...

No on the measles suit. Yes JC is gay.

Unknown said...

I kinda like the measles, but not everyone could pull it off. It's different anyway.

DV's face would make a good holloween mask, eek. Just looking at it makes me think of this time my lips swelled up from an allergic reaction, heh.

Anonymous said...

i like the suit...

Unknown said...

Honestly...Are gay and straight the only two choices anymore? I kinda thought that there was a middle of the road option. And I firmly believe that JC Chasez falls into that category.

As for Bindi, I think it would be rather difficult to grow up "normal" when your parents started backpacking you into the bush and having you play with crocodiles as an infant.

And Alpine Summer said,"Jonathon Rhys-Meyers is so hot, but I can't help but get uncomfortable looking at him. His stare says, 'I know your sins'," which made me schnarf my thanks!!

Amber said...

Chuck Berry followed by Bindi Irwin just seems wrong.

Yay on the suit, it looks different/stylish yep.

Russel Brand is so damn funny, he was great on Big Brother Celebrity Hijack!


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