Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Don't Want Her To Be A Judge

Are the folks over at Miss USA that desperate? Extra reported yesterday that Heather Mills is going to be one of the judges for the Miss USA pageant. Now, I'm sure the owner of Miss USA, Donald Trump thinks that by having Heather be a judge that the ratings will increase. I don't think so. If he wants ratings to increase he needs to send that 17 year old who was shilling his vodka while naked over SuperBowl weekend. That would increase ratings.

If you want to have a former hooker and porn star be a judge, get the hooker everyone in America knows. Ashley Dupre. Why do we need to import hookers to judge a beauty contest? America is not the best at everything, but I will put our porn stars and hookers up against anyone in the world.

This is the Miss USA pageant. I want homegrown hookers and porn stars judging who is going to get the chance to be the next Miss USA. Could Trump not find anyone other than one of the most despised women in the world to come judge? Did everyone else say no?

Come on Donald. You must know some hookers and porn stars from right here in the USA. Don't outsource one of our best industries.


jax said...

the Trump thinks this is what we want...he's the same dude that brought back Omarosa knowing full well no one liked her.

Anonymous said...

Jax- while no one liked Omarosa, she was good TV.

I just don't understand what possible explanation they could have for using Heather as a judge. She has no expertise in anything pageant or beauty related.

It should be motherf'in Joan Rivers. THAT's who Trump needs.

califblondy said...

It's got people talking about him. Mission accomplished.

I like The Donald, btw, and never miss Celebrity Apprentice, but I don't always agree with what he says or does.

He'll be sorry for getting mixed up with that psycho, ex-Beatle bitch. What will he do when she pours a glass of water over HIS hair?

Brenda22 said...

Miss USA represents someone with class, grace, poise,beauty. Heather is the antithesis of those characteristics. Can there be anything less classing than throwing water on Sir Paul's attorney because she didn't get enough money? Come one.

Plus, those girls get dethroned as soon as anyone finds a naked picture of them anywhere, so they're gonna have this former hooker judging the contest? That's makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Donald excuse that other hooker when her pictures were online. Can't remember her name but I think she also went to rehab. So if he excuse one hooker why not another one. The guy has poor judgment remember he left his wife for another Hooker (Marla).

weezy said...

"Class & grace" and "Donald Trump" are mutually exclusive phrases.

Besides, Donny will say he's making the pageant handicapped-accessible!

weezy said...

"Class & grace" and "Donald Trump" are mutually exclusive phrases.

Besides, Donny will say he's making the pageant handicapped-accessible!

captivagrl said...

no one's watching, with or without her.


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