Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Photos Part One

St. Patrick's Day Parade - New York City
St. Patrick's Day Parade - Belfast
Katharine Keating just makes the whole showing off the breasts thing much easier by bringing her own Mardi Gras beads. None of that fumbling around for beads to toss. She is thoughtful enough to bring her own, and I for one am grateful.
Jean Michel Jarre - Glasgow
I just won $50M for f**king a Beatle and now I'm going to Disney World.
Eddie Izzard is, well, incredible.
One Republic - Amsterdam
Like I would ever say anything bad about anyone in The Goonies , especially Martha Plimpton.
Matt Dallas just because.
Mutya Buena - Belfast
Kimora Lee Simmons looks good which is not really saying much, but you know, every little bit helps.
Velvet Revolver - Leeds
The one and only Scott Cohen. Well actually with such a common name there are probably like a million Scott Cohen's but you get the idea.
Roisin Murphy - London
I bet the folks over at Cheetos are happy.
So did you see the episode of Entourage with Peter Dinklage? Priceless.


Anonymous said...

Is Ent's real name Scott Cohen? {dramatic chord}

Peter Dinklage is great. Rent The Station Agent if you get a chance.

IndigoBlue said...

Peter Dinklage is great. He totally creeped me out on Nip/Tuck, though. But then a lot creeps me out on Nip/Tuck, like Joan VanArk's face while she was riding christian in the reverse on top position while he spanked her....almost needed therapy after that.

captivagrl said...

i love roisin murphy's song "overpowered". happy st.paddy's day everyone!! have a safe night.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm those pics of Brangelina and crew look a little fishy to me.

Carte Blanche said...

Matt Dallas must an answer to a Blind.

Tracee said...

Youse lying Ent! Kimora does not look good. Everytime I see her I want some eggs and pancakes to go with that sausage she calls a neck.

jax said...

lol..i just watched Deathat a Funeral with Dinklage..funny.

Kiss my ass, I'm Irish!

Anonymous said...

scott cohen was great in "who's kissing jessica stein?" said...

I got nothin' today. My snark is ebbing low lately.

califblondy said...

Angelina truly is a brave Mother. She's risking major cheeto dust to her dress, hair, etc., by letting Shiloh carry that bag.

My kids had a "don't touch Mama" rule anytime Cheetos were around. ;)

That comment about Joan Van Ark's face while she was riding Christian made me laugh. She looks scarey. Scarey/funny; not scarey/joker = Joan Rivers.

sunny said...

Woot! Scott Cohen.Ent, you are on a Gilmore Girls roll lately, keep it up.

OK. Is this just me-whereTF is Angelina's baby bump? And~is this maybe only the second time she's held Shiloh in public?

Anonymous said...

Joan Van Ark riding Christian backwards that tells you he didn't want to see her face hahaha. She looks creepy. said...

That is one big ole bag o' Cheetos for such a little girl. I always imagined Angelina as a "trail mix, have a banana or apple" mom, not a "get whatever you want" mom. I was wrong.

YahMoBThere said...

I thought the same thing - what garbage food to be giving a kid. One has Cheeto's and the other appears to have Frito's. JUNK!!

jax said...

omg Moms are you really gonna lay into Angelina for giving her kids what 95% of other mothers do?

maybe she is a trail mix women who allows treats now n then.

i know its monday but come onnn.
her kids aren't obese, give it a rest.

and twist we will have to agree to disagree as no one- no one! f*cks with my fritos.

califblondy said...

I took a second look and now I'm wondering too about Angelina's baby bump? Weird.

YahMoBThere said...

Jax, you're not between the ages of 2 and 6, are you? Or did you lie to us about your age, baby?

You know I heart you, and we can agree to disagree, but if 95% of today's mothers give their kids that stuff to snack on, we're in serious trouble.

I used to love me some potato chips but that doesn't mean I gave them to my little kiddles. And now that I know there's a carcinogenic in them, I don't eat them at all. Been there, done that, thank you.

Then again, we don't really know what the scoop is with the snackies. For all we know some kid at school had a bday party, so I'll lay off for now, but one more ding dong or ho-ho and I'm bitchin' about it. ;-P

jax said...

hey i wouldn't give my kids that shit everyday either but becasue we saw ONE pic of her feeding the kiddies that doesn't mean she does it every day.

and no i'm not 2-6..i'm a grown ass women who tried not to judge parenting skills based on a bag of chips.
sorry i just don't see it as a big deal. maybe becasue i don't have children, or maybe i don't need to start getting PC about snack food.
who knows.

YahMoBThere said...

I was joking about the age - meaning you like them at your current age, but....never mind..

I'm just surprised she would let her kids near those kinds of snacks, that's all. She strikes me as one who would want her kids drinking soy milk and eating carob chocolate and yogurt. More health food related. She seems like the type of mom who makes deliberate, informed choices where her kids are concerned with regard to toys, so it just figures the food thing would carry over.

jax said...

Oh i know, you like a lil bitchy on my honour. lol.

lol Angelina has never been a picture of health, her own eating habits are...interesting to stay slim.

Let's hope the nannies feed them well!

lawyagirl said...

This is not the first picture I've seen where the kids are eating junk food. Hmmm.

libby said...

i see nothing wrong with letting kids have a junk-food treat now and then.
if they are not overweight--and angie's kids look very healthy.
they are raising them as average american kids.

the real challenge will be to keep them normal and humble as they get older, with all the attention they do and will get.

YahMoBThere said...

Yeah, you're probably right (and I hate when you talk about her own eating habits being not so great. How she keeps her complexion as good as she does with all her bad habits is a mystery.

rakemama said...

Scott Cohen as the Wolf in the 10th Kingdom...that movie is such a guilty pleasure and Scott Cohen is pure sex!

bionic bunny! said...

thank you for eddie, ent. loves me some eddie alla time.

Unknown said...

Loves me some Roisin Murphy! :D

Rhianna said...

Dinklage is fantastic in "Threshold". A linguistic genius obsessed with strippers, playing opposite a nutso Data. Too good to miss, though they canceled it at 1 season.

Obviously anorexia jolie ain't eatin' the Cheetos! Her legs look thinner than the Shiloh's. Her arms, dude, look smaller than Zahara's! That is NOT a healthy woman, nor is it a healthy woman to be supposedly pregnant.

__-__=__ said...

Is that St Marys in Bastrop? People at SXSW were saying they're all down there and the kids are going to school in Bastrop but everyone leaves them alone. It's "Austin", you know??

RagDoll said...

Judging by the look on the face of Angelina's youngest, they don't get Cheetos *too* often, because that kid looks sorta grossed out by "...not want!" kind of a look on that little girl, ha ha!

Unknown said...

Anyone else giggle at the fact the 'real' Irish are having fun and not so uptight about Paddies day and the American Irish are having some sort of serious procession thingy?? Where's the effing Guinness and podata cakes and making a tit of yerself?


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