Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Diddy Did It

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that Sean Combs basically started the entire East Coast - West Coast rap war by masterminding the assault on Tupac Shakur in New York City back in 1994.

From the time of the assault until his death, Tupac had always said that Combs knew about the 1994 shooting. Now, the Times has several sources who corroborated that story. Notorious B.I.G. was also one of the people behind the assault according to the newspaper.

This story is a lie," Combs said in a statement on Monday. "It is beyond ridiculous and is completely false. Neither Biggie (Wallace) nor I had any knowledge of any attack before, during or after it happened." Well, if it is a lie, then I am sure Mr. Combs will be filing a lawsuit against the Times now won't he? If you are ever going to file a lawsuit for libel, this is the one to do it on. Because right now, there are millions of people all over the world who will now be 100% convinced that not only did Combs plan the assault on Tupac but that he also must have had something to do with his death.

Diddy has always fancied himself the kingpin of his own little world. Lets not forget his little altercation with guns and Jennifer Lopez a few years ago, and how that was basically the end for them. I have always thought of Diddy as a pompous ass who thinks he is some kind of Godfather, when in actuality he is a punk.

Look, Tupac wasn't perfect, but he also didn't claim to be anyone or anything that he wasn't. Just because he didn't want to sign with Combs the punk didn't mean he needed to be shot. Who the hell does that? So if you take this out to the farthest point, you basically have Diddy still alive and making all the money while he set the chain of events in motion that killed his alleged best friend, B.I.G, and prior to that Tupac.

So, you go ahead Diddy and make all your stupid reality shows and create celebrities out of people who are really closer to Ashley Dupre than actual celebrities. Keep pretending you are this huge mogul. Oh, sure you have lots of money and get to have sex more than me, but you also probably have to look over your shoulder all of the time also, and that is probably going to become a frantic bob and weave after this story becomes really widespread. Take care.

If you want to read the Reuters article about the Times piece, click here. They have a link to the Times story.


Anonymous said...

~gets out the mop to wipe up the venom~ Wowza, Ent.

I've never understood why Sean Combs was famous, but if this is true he should be behind bars.

YahMoBThere said...

"I have always thought of Diddy as a pompous ass who thinks he is some kind of Godfather, when in actuality he is a punk."

Yes, yes, yes!! Statements like these are the reason I love you, EL.

jax said...

i can't wait for the pictures of Diddy n OJ golfing in St. Barts while 'looking for the real killers.'

Jesse D said...

A. Freakin. Men. Diddy is nothing but a punk that has profited off of the loss of his "best friend", Biggie. He disgusts me!! He refused to cooperate in the investigation of Biggie's death, even though he WAS THERE when it happened. He recycles other people's beats. He's living off of money Biggie made while he was alive. Of course he had something to do with the deaths of Tupac and Biggie!! I don't understand how the police know "nothing" after all this time. FOLLOW. THE. MONEY. There's your killer. "Puff" isn't even a good rapper. He's not even mediocre! He's an overrated, guilty, disgusting leech!! I have to believe that one day, he'll get his.

AMD said...

I've been saying the same thing since it happened, Ent. Diddy was responsible for both murders. He had the most to gain from both. Damn, I can't believe I was right!

I also think Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead pulled a "Wild Things" and had both Anna Nicole and her son killed. I think somebody should do a regular check on HKS's financials.

captivagrl said...

he had no knowledge of the incident AFTER the attack?

weezy said...

I agree he'd have more credibility on this if he'd retained Paul Weiss to go after the Times; this statement just protests too much.

I always thought JLo's behavior at the shooting said volumes about her character and upbringing. Whenn the police stopped Diddy's car and pulled him and his driver out for search and questioning, JLo and the girls she was with simply started walking away.

Down a deserted city street at 2am or so. In club heels. No questions about whether anyone was hurt, no apparent fear or discomfort at having been stopped by the police. Clearly this was not a new experience for them.

The cops had to go after them and bring them back to the car. When asked why they were leaving, JLo told the cops "Oh, I thought we were done here." Later at the precinct she sent a cop out to buy cuticle cream for her.

She and Marc Anthony deserve each other -- and Ben Affleck really dodged a bullet with this one.

AMD said...

Yeah, but is Jennifer Garner really a step up?

Judi said...

Clothes and money don't make the man. He's a thug, and always will be. Good call, Enty.

Pamela said...

Tupac is still alive!


Okay, okay, all kidding aside, Cluck-u-pac does have a slight resemblence.

tigereye said...

"I have always thought of Diddy as a pompous ass who thinks he is some kind of Godfather, when in actuality he is a punk."
This is the best description of Combs I've ever heard, and says everything I've ever thought of him. Something has always deeply bothered me that after his 'friend' died, he became over the top famous and wealthy, mostly because of the money made off of Biggie, Biggie's death, Biggie's talent and following. Plus, like you eluded, even thru a television I can feel his douchebag qualities pouring out of him. He is not the king of the world, stop effing acting like it.

selenakyle said...

Diddy looks like a drooling reet to me. CLOSE YOUR LIPS!!! What is he, a mouth-breather? Sheesh.

His name should be "Diddly-squat" if you ask me.

selenakyle said...

And he can't even really sing or dance, IMO. Heck, Whitney Houston dances better than he does, and that's sayin' something.


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