Friday, March 21, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Jools Holland - Sydney
At this point you should have tears in your eyes from laughing so hard. Have you ever seen anything more pretentious in your entire life? OK, well how about in the last month?
This is Chloe Marshall. She is a finalist for Miss England and the first plus size woman ever. She looks great and I hope she kicks ass.
A Fine Frenzy - New York
Has anyone ever seen Anderson Cooper look happier. This interview has become his porn. His own sex tape.
So, I really wanted to say "Tell her what's up" but figured no one would get the reference. So I will just go with the fact that this is probably the only time in his life that Seth Green will ever have two women touch him again. In the future they may look like women, but they probably won't be.
Maggie Q on the set of her new film. I was kind of hoping that they were going to need my basement for the film, but no such luck.
Not really Full Frontal Friday, but I'm guessing Lee Tergesen is trying to make up for whatever else he may be lacking.
I just threw up a little bit.
Joe Pantoliano isn't gay right?
You know you are in trouble when you start using Bai Ling as your muse.
I love Tintin. Meet the new Tintin. Thomas Sangster.
I just can't believe that David Schwimmer got to touch my Thandie Newton. I need to calm down because these feelings are the same kinds of feelings that cause trouble with the law down the line.
The Jonas Brothers - New York
Sinead O'Connor - Byron Bay


MontanaMarriott said...

SOOOOOO Seth Green likes the boys or is it the Trannies?!?!!

Hmm Pretentious, what gives regarding Schwimmer?!?!
Spill it ENT!

Look at where Anderson Coopers eyes are, can you say CROTCH WATCHER?!!?

Missjenny619 said...

Why is Kat Von D biting Nikki's Sixx's lip?? What happened to Orbi?

kourtney said...

tell sloane i said "what up"

captivagrl said...

posh, fashion icon or retard?

Carly Cook said...

go chloe marshall!

(and, i have to confess, i love seth sue me)

david schwimmer looks like a total douche

surfer said...

Go Chloe! I hate to say this, but she sort of looks like Monica Lewinsky in the old days (despite everything, I always thought Monica was very pretty).

So Ent, I guess Kat von D is off the list, huh?

And what can I say about Coop. Too cute—too bad he bats for the other team.

Lux Luthor said...

LMAO @ David Schwimmer. I really loathe that guy, he just repels me on a primal, visceral level. And yup, that's easily the most pretentious thing I've seen all year. Maybe even the last 5 years.

Re Posh: nice pink lipstick with orange skin. The photo is hideous. Her hair, skin, clothes, and makeup all look like shades of vomit. Is this just a bad case of color-correction on the photo or is Marc Jacobs' taste really that bad?

Why is it that all these celebrities just go apeshit with the fake tanner? I'm sure they all have personal stylists working for them. Why do they let them go out looking like that?

Stacey Charter said...

Thomas Sangster... do I recognize that face from Love Actually? Is that the little boy in love all grown up? God he was wonderful in that movie!
Posh - WTF??? i believe that says it all just WTF!

Where has Schwimmer been since friends? I forone have not missed him... i think he was on Letterman last night - but not sure - ncaa kept it off air until after 1am.

And isn't orbi about to ask kat to marry him on LA INK? hell - guess that didn't work out..she scares me.

Stacey Charter said...

and oh yeah - I really love seth greentoo - home town boy that he is - Holla Delco peeps! sorry - i'm tired and goofy and also apparently 14...again. LOL

Tigercat said...

love seth. same team or trannies.
could his dark penciled in eyebrows = scooby clue?

close ups of michelle t. show her with the pindrop eyes ... is she the glama red carpet smack-er?

oh posh! this is majuh - majuh bad taste. wtf indeed.

Unknown said...

Ya know, that's another reason I love the UK, they seem to be a little more accepting of da bigger people. In America, you have to be 100 pounds, but I remember seeing several chunky girls on Top of the Pops when I used to watch it on BBCA. Good for them.

Good god, if you hadn't pointed out that wasn't Bai, I'd have spent at least a minute looking at it wondering why she doesn't look quite right.

Tania said...

Seth Green is talented and funny, I could care less who he likes to shag. He had me at Oz!

Speaking of Oz (the other one), If I recall correctly, Lee Tergesen was averagely endowed. Damn, I miss those prison showers..... (though FF makes up for it somewhat).

Given that the average size for women in the UK is a 16, having 'plus size' women in the contest seems only fair. Of course, she won't win, that will be the usual broomstick with boobs. But, baby steps...

trashtalker said...

Schwimmer looks like he's taking his styling cues from the Mac guy. The hair's the same. Imagine Justin with facial hair. Voila. Same guy.

Seth has on too much eyeliner, and the eyebrows are over the top.

Does Joey Pants have airplanes on his jacket?

If that's the photo of Posh that they decided was the best, then the rest of them must have been so ugly they melted the memory card.

Unknown said...

OMG -- sinead is still bald -- that is soooo 17 years ago!!

Amber said...

How the hell is David Schwimmer friends with Simon Pegg? I just don't get it.

Clair said...

Seth Green is adorable. Leave short people alone. And he's a Ginger - be afraid! But of all the Buffy boys, I want pictures of James Marsters. Please?

charlotte said...

tell her i said "what up"

i love me some entourage

Unknown said...

That Seth/SMG/Trachtenberg photo is from the Paley Center Buffy Reunion. Tix for that were going for $500+ per. We Buffy fanatics are nutty...

kimmypie1 said...

Thomas is the little boy from Nanny McPhee. My little girl watches that movie, literally, every day. It was strange to see his face on this site instead of the tv, such a contrast from mommy time.

Anonymous said...

God I am SO SICK of fake little PR moves to show that they care about fat people. Dont ask us to justify your unhealthy lifestyle and accept mediocrity, and lower the bar further. Obesity isnt healthy, and its a product of laziness. Yes, big chicks can be pretty, beautiful even, but goddamnit I'm not gonna pat 'em on the back for being a fucking cow.

dakotaheat said...

No one is asking you to pat anyone on the back. In fact no one is asking you anything. You just sit back and be the angry depressed, judgemental bitch you are. If you have a boyfriend I feel really sorry for him. And if you don't, we all know why. Chew on that Trix instead of picking a target to offend just to feel self important.

Serena said...

That plus sized model is gorgeous! I hope she wins :)

And I have the biggest crush on Seth Green :P. He kicks ass.


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