Friday, March 21, 2008

The World Of WD

Out of body experience.

So I'm pretty quick on my feet when I'm in a show and someone forgets their lines. I'm can be pretty witty when I'm at a party and I'm "on" but I spend much time out of the "on" mode. In fact, I pride myself being one of the least "on in my daily life" actors that I know. So that means when in real life confrontations, I pretty much suck. I always think of the response 2 days later. That's why I'm so excited about what happened this week.

This is nothing to do with the industry except that it happened on Hollywood blvd. I had a meeting in Hollywood about a short someone wanted me to produce. So after driving around for 20 minutes, I found a spot. I started to parallel park but as I did I realized that that car in front of me, a white extended cab pick-up with a trailer hitch was way overlapping into my spot. (And there is no car in front of him at all) So I'm nosing back and forth trying to fit my car in the spot it's a tight fit. Finally I'm in and I roll up a little bit more, ever so slowly, because I can't see his hitch and so I'm pretty much parking Braille method. I am going so slowly that I know I've reached his car because mine won't go any further but there is no rough bump. I roll back a half inch and put the car in park.

The drivers door flies open and this guy comes storming over to me.

"Did you feel that?"
"Feel what?"
"You just hit my car and shaked it"
"I honestly didn't feel anything."
"Well you hit my car. I have a trailer hitch on my car. Maybe you
didn't notice."
"Actually I did."
"Well it's a good thing I do or you would have ruined my bumper."
"You are in my spot."
"Your car is inconsiderately overlapping in my spot."
"And your trailer hitch is below my vision so I hit and probably dinged
my bumper."
"Which I would not have not done if you were not in my spot. So did
you come over to apologize?"
"Did you come over to apologize? Because if you did, I accept your
"Fuck you."

At this point I look forward. I see on the back of his truck. I turn back to him and say.

"You are not allowed to act this way and have that on the back on your

I point out the Jesus fish on the back of his truck.

"You are not allowed to act this way and then drive around with that on
your car. I'm not Christian but I know Jesus said some pretty cool
things about love, acceptance and compassion. None of which you are

"Just know you hit my car." And he turned and walked away.

I sat and couldn't believe what I said. I got out of my car. Not even a ding on my car and it was my bumper that "hit" his trailer hitch. So I made sure he saw me taking down his license plate (just in case I came back and my car was totaled) and I walked away.

Man that felt good.


lisamite said...

That'a so awesome!

GammaGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GammaGirl said...

WD, You ROCK for calling him out about that ridiculous bumper sticker!

La RoRoe said...

You should've started taking pictures of where he parked over the line and your bumper with your cell phone. Take several pictures from different vantage points, then tap on his window, smile sweetly and say, "You'll be hearing from me."

tee hee hee

lutefisk said...

I guess this won't be showing up under Random Acts of Kindness.
I always keep a camera in my car--last year I had 3 different people crash into me, & they get very nervous when you call in an accident report & start snapping those incriminating photos.

YahMoBThere said...

Yeah, and Happy Easter, asshole!

What a jerk! YAY for you for being on your game and not buying into the bullshit!!

kimmypie1 said...

That is great. The kind of thing that makes you smile when you think about it later in the day.

Moonmaid said...

Ent, you are on a roll! Love that you called him out for the Christian bumper. I get cut off on the road daily from yahoos with those things on their cars/trucks.

Reese said...

Always have a camera with you for moments like this; if the jerk tried to take you to small claims court having those pictures will be of great help.

Good for you for not letting this creep get away with rude behavior and poor parking skills.

DoogieSD said...

How could it be your spot if he was in it when you showed up??

Dijea said...

If feels really good doesn't it. I rarely am "on" as well, but when it all comes together. Its like winning the lottery.

Dijea said...

If feels really good doesn't it. I rarely am "on" as well, but when it all comes together. Its like winning the lottery.

YahMoBThere said...

Doogies, he was in the spot in front of hers, but parked so his trailer hitch was hanging over into her spot.

Stacey Charter said...

Bravo WD Bravo!!! * applause* Man I bet that felt and feels good!

laundry day already? said...

It's too bad he couldn't pull up a little, so she wouldn't have the same problem when she leaves.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you spoke up & stood your ground!!! And you kept your cool too!

Melissa said...

so fuckin cool. good for you.

Leah said...

Good for you, WD. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when the good guy wins? :-)

anna said...

brava, wd!

(and twisted, i'm totally using 'happy easter, asshole' when the relatives get uppity this weekend.)

Brenda22 said...

Good for you, WD. With so many damn hypocrites walking around, I'm glad you called him out on it.

I love his response to what you said "just know you hit my car"...very clever.

hunter said...

Love it!!

Judi said...

WELL DONE!! >applause, applause!<

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, WD! Congrats on knowing what to say. Honestly, I would've been a little bit afraid that he was packing heat.

On another note: it looks like the Zoe Bell part on LOST has aired in its entirety. Are you bummed that you missed out on it, or glad you didn't have to fly out and spend a bunch of money in Hawaii for 2 minutes?

CarolMR said...

Oh, how brave! How courageous! To point out Christian hypocrisy - like that's never been done in Hollywood.

I wonder if WD would have had the "courage" to point out Islamic hypocrisy if the man had a bumper sticker that said, "Praise Allah"? Or would she have just wet her pants in fear?

d said...

Man, that was nice. I'll have to remember that.

trixalicious said...

WD, good on you for saying that to him. He may not have responded properly to the situation (even a simply "You're right, I'm sorry." would've been a nice start), but your words will stick with him, and we can always hope that next time he'll remember you and think twice before acting like a total jerk.

The problem is that too many self-professed Christians (and I'm one myself, so I feel fully-qualified to make this generalization) don't have any idea what Jesus said and did or how that should apply to our lives today.

Geebz said...

You know calling a person out when they're out of line is good stuff but what's up with the hate of Christians. ALL people have hypocritical moments and need to be brought back to reality by someone pointing things out. Just because someone is a Christian doesn't mean they think they are perfect. In fact, they are imperfect and I say, "good show, WD!" on reminding this rude one of how they're supposed to act.

To the others jumping on the 'Christian Hater' band wagon...not hot.

Just an opinion.

dickophile said...

oh my god!! that was the best part of my day. you should put that in something. somewhere. its classic.

takeme2espana said...

geebz- I'm with you. No need to bash Christians or anyone else here, I see rude/hypocritical people of every culture/religion every day.
Very clever response nonetheless WD!

snowshyn said...

I don't think it's about bashing Christians. I think it's about pointing out that they are blatantly advertising a religion that it would appear they don't actually practice. False advertising, if you will.

Lisa said...

I don't know you but I'm SO PROUD of you! You didn't let that person bully you. YOU ROCK.

tigereye said...

awesome. and i'm a little jealous cause I too am one that can't ever snap back at someone in time. I like the Jesus thing, dead on! I'm not Christian either, but thats obviously not what-would-jesus-do behavior! =)


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