Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Photos Part One

RIP Anthony Minghella
Duffy - New York City
Lots of guys in this edition, and I have used up all my snark magic for today so I am going to be nice to almost everyone and just let you enjoy.

Damian Lewis
Hell, even Channing Tatum looks good. Maybe lose the goatee.
I like Cheyenne Jackson's tie.
The legend that is Alan Cumming.
I must be out of snark because Hilary Duff looks really good. Apparently sex with a pro hockey player must bring out the attractiveness in you.
Ummmm. No, I will be nice, and honestly Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't look that bad.
You know I love Graham Norton, but he needs to let those pants out just a little bit, or get a bigger sock for maximum effect. I'm guessing that is what he was going for.
Florence And The Machine - London
I don't really have anything to say, I just like the last name of Eduardo Xol. How the hell do you pronounce that anyway?
Now, at the premiere of Stop-Loss last night which stars Ryan Phillipe was the actress Missi Pyle.. Hmmmm. Does she remind you of anyone?
There is going to be a baby at some point right?
When I see this suit and the way it fits Kevin Spacey, I really start to discount all those gay rumors.
Jake Silbermann
In case you had wondered what the hell happened to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, well here he is.
You can use handcuffs, throw yourself at him, or just get naked, but I don't think Wentworth Miller is going to be all that interested.
Speaking of Ryan Phillipe.
And for those of you who like your men a little more seasoned, here is Ralph Fiennes.
So, do you think it was the Jamaican sun, or the pot that is giving Prince Charles that reddish glow? I know I made a joke last week about him smoking pot while he was in Jamaica, but can;t you just see the Prince and Camilla laying in their hotel room smoking a big fat one?
Ozzy Osbourne - Sydney


Anonymous said...

So Missi Pyle is the actress escorting as Ali Larter?

Jake Silberman looks like JC Chasez and Chace Caldwell's love child.

Eduardo Xol - yum, more please. My guess on pronounciation is Hole.

captivagrl said...

missy pyle is gonna have the same problem that's challenging minnie driver.(baby names)

Unicorn Jones said...

hey, I like the snark!

plus, it makes the pics way more interesting

ps I don't think the gay "rumors" about kevin spacey can really be classified as "rumors" anymore, can they? they're pretty much fact


YahMoBThere said...

What a FUNNY comment about Spacey and his suit, EL.

Yeah, Missy does look like Reese.

It's sad when your husbands baby bump is bigger than yours and you've been pregnant a while.

I was saddened to read about Anthony Minghella this morning. What a loss.

Kristen S. said...

Love me some Alan Cumming!

meamia said...

Do you think that Nicole can get bangs already?

kris said...

ok...so what's the deal with Nicole and Keith? is this really a sham marriage and for what purpose? Some are saying she's not really pregnant and there's surrogate. WTF??? Why would she do that? Maybe I'm blissfully ignorant...

Lux Luthor said...

Re: Gwyneth Paltrow: Except for those shoes. Or boots. Or whatever the hell those things are.

Awakenings said...

Ah..... Nicole and Keith picture perfect..... considering Nicoles bodyguard just beat up a photographer in LA,.... not a word from the Kidman camp.

Where is her bump?

Awakenings said...

In fact how is it that the assualt on the photographer did't even make mainstream papers?

El can you explain?

Majik said...

Re: Kidman and Keith...

#1. Why wouldn't Toby hold his jacket in the other hand--the one in his pocket. It seems to be free.
#2. Nic's hands are full--again with the free hand, Toby. Help a girl out.
#3. Granted, it's been a while since I strolled hand in hand with anyone, but I seem to remember that if I DIDN'T want to hold hands with someone, best thing to do is make sure hands are full.
#4. The botox is obviously wearing off as I can see her left eyebrow groove. She must be freaking.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Prince Charles'face is always so damned ROSY. I've noticed both of the boys having it too.

trashtalker said...

Yeah for Damian! I've been catching up on "Life" on nbc.com for the past few days.

Brenda22 said...

I know what Missi Pyle reminds of...a Pug. Don't mean to be mean, but it's true.

Leah said...

God, I love the Osbourns. They bring the party AND the crazy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fiennes . . . thank you ever so much ENT xoxoxoxxo

jas faulkner said...

Long time lurker first time poster... Thanks for the eye candy!
And warm fuzzies to you for including current pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Alan Cumming. They're not on my pretty list, but they pick such interesting projects that I'll see whatever they've done on faith that it will at the very least keep me entertained.

Yellow Rose said...

Being a huge country music fan-gotta correct a little error made above (sorry majik), but that's Keith Urban, not Toby Keith. They are just about polar opposites as far as their looks, music, & talent (by talent I mean Keith & play a guitar like no one else, w/ the exception of Brad Paisley), oh yeah, & one's from Australia & the other's from Oklahoma. 'K, I'm done now. :)

The non-existence of Nicole's supposed bump is a total mystery to me too. If she is pregnant &, what, like 4 mos along-that is going to be one tiny preemie, w/ a host of potential health issues, I really hope she starts to show soon.

Majik said...

lol...sorry Yellow Rose--I actually made a correction, too. Honestly, I couldn't pick either one of them out in a lineup!

Yellow Rose said...


Couldn't help it ;) (In case you hadn't seen Toby-here's Toby v. Keith):

Here's Keith Urban (HOT &, unfortunately, married to Nicole):

Now, here's Toby Keith (Not hot, not terrible-his hair is generally longer than it is in this pic-but he sure as hell ain't no Keith):

I definitely think you could pick 'em out of a lineup now? ;) Sorry, had to do it-as you can see, the differences b/n the 2 looks-wise are pretty big. :)

Majik said...

Yellow Rose...

Dear God there's not even a comparison. I shall be forever shamed...lol.

MnGddess said...

'nuff said.

Winterjanuary said...

"ps I don't think the gay "rumors" about kevin spacey can really be classified as "rumors" anymore, can they? they're pretty much fact"

The only fact is the rumor itself. But just because a rumor is old and rehashed doesn't make it a reality, you know. You might be surprised...


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