Friday, March 14, 2008

Evangeline Lilly And The Hobbit Are Back Together

Although they are trying to keep it on the down low. That is really stupid huh? The down low. I guess I could have used under wraps. That is kind of a cool term. Whatever it is, The Hobbit and Evangeline Lilly don't want you to know they are back together again. When Lilly made a stop at The Hobbit's photography show, she stood right next to him, whispered out of the side of her mouth, without making eye contact, and then left.

Their current plan is that they will try to never be photographed together so that way their relationship will have a chance to flower and blossom. I like flower and blossom. It sounds like a 70 year old writer from People who used to write for Life back in the 50's or something. If I had thrown in the word nurture it would have been the trifecta. Of course they can do the photograph thing, but if you are blabbing about it to everyone then what the hell is the point? You might as well just get photographed together as well. Then people will care about you when Lost ends and one of them won't have to go back to doing 1-900 sex line commercials.

I really didn't see them as a couple when they were together, but you know what, if it makes them happy, then so be it. I really don't care, but it has been a long time since I got to write about anyone on Lost. I wish they would keep the people that get arrested for drunk driving because that show is running out of scandal.


parisss said...

Ok Enty- here is a link to Evangeline Lilly's commercial:

Not nearly as sexy as you made it sound!!

Maven said...

Speaking of not really sexy but interesting... Dominic has a really large cock. Still find him very unsexy.

And its not a rumor... I have first hand experience... no pun intended. I certainly didn't touch it.

jax said...

lol she went to my high school.
nice girl but her name was Nicole back then and was a total geek!
not being mean she really was and says so herself.

i was a few,cough, years ahead but my BFF's sister and her are buds.

mandythegreat said...

Honestly, who cares? Together, apart--they're not really on the radar.
Sorry to burst your bubble, egotistical Hollywood idiots!

just saying... said...

That coming from someone who calls herself Mandy the GREAT.

Anonymous said...

staci you gotta spill more details than that! (or maybe a photo for FFF? ;)

And if anyone watched Lost last night, they found out that the latest Lost drunk driver has his days numbered.

ms_wonderland said...

You can tell Dom's a big boy when he goes commando, but staci c'mon we need details!

That must be a pretty old pic - Dom had his hair almost shaved a few weeks back.

jax said...

hey that's a dating site not a sex line EL.
get yer mind out of the gutter, there isn't room for both of us.

Lux Luthor said...

Now Dominic Monaghan, that's what I'd call fug. Not to be mean, love him on "Lost" and have nothing against him, I just don't think he's at all sexy and Evangeline is way too hot for him.

Miss X said...

Ent, you are cracking me up today!

duncanpowers said...

What completely disturbs me always is that she's more muscular than he is.

Amber said...

Well I'm kinda happy about that :) They seem like a nice couple, even though I'm not a huge Evangeline/Kate fan.

The 1-900 commercial really wasn't bad at all. It was a 'dating' line, where people would call to, let's be honest, hook up for sexytime. But she wasn't wearing anything sexy, and didn't talk in a breathy voice lol

You could always write about Naveen Andrews/Sayid, he's always saying things about how he's unhappy on the show and putting down the writers. I've heard that the guy who plays Eko (I'll be honest, I can neither pronounce or spell his name) was an insufferable a-hole.


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