Thursday, March 13, 2008

How To Get Married On The Cheap - Katharine McPhee

Last night I kept my vow, and did not watch American Idol. It was tough though. I kind of wanted to watch Katharine McPhee and knew she was going to be on. However, I did not want to increase their already high ratings and give her hope that the ratings were somehow attributed to her being on the show. Why give her false hope about her career? Any false hope might delay the inevitable of Nick Cokas going over to work at In-N-Out. I already wrote one post on her wedding, but now she must consider herself a wedding expert because she is giving out tips to In Style Weddings which put her on the cover for some reason. I guess so people like me would talk about her. Me talking about it doesn't sell more magazines though so they really need to work on that strategy.

I'm guessing that her wedding must have blown through a great deal of money and maybe she is thinking that wasn't such a good idea. Either that or she is trying to preach to the wedding chapel crowd, because she is actually downright practical about wedding expenses.

As a veteran of many, many marriages and weddings, let me tell you there was no expense spared in my first two when the bride's parents were paying for it all, and as cheap as I could make it on the next several when yours truly was shelling out the dough. Some of my favorite tips include outdoor weddings with no chairs for guests. The two best initials in the English language - CZ, and having a reception at a friend's house with BYOB. Now, Katharine doesn't go that far, but she does offer these tips.

"Remember that it's your wedding … At the end of the day, it's really about the expression of commitment in love and marriage. So don't get too carried away. A wedding is about the commitment of love that you're making to your partner. It's that simple."

Now what she is saying here is that it is all about the wedding so if you have to go down to City Hall and have a judge marry you during your lunch hour, and celebrate your union with some ginger ale out of the vending machine, that's cool because it is all about living on love.

"Sometimes you look at bridal magazines and you're like, 'What is that concoction? Why is her hair piled on top of her head?' You should look like yourself!"

What she is saying here is that it is okay to wear jeans and a t-shirt when you get married, and that shaving for men is optional. Good tips. I hope she follows them on her second wedding.


Jesse D said...

LOL my wedding cost me $50, took 30 minutes and I wore all black.

My divorce? $2500 and counting, and it's taken almost three years.

If I were marrying that grandpa-lookin b@stard, I'd have done it on the cheap, too.

lainiekazan said...

Um, what does CZ mean? Tx.

captivagrl said...

laine - cubic zirconia

califblondy said...

The "just say no" campaign should have applied to marriage instead of drugs.

Remember that EL the next time you're tempted to throw a BYOB backyard BBQ.

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Then why did Katherine have that concoction on top her head last night? She certainly didnt look like herself. What does she know anyway? She is married to a gayfest.

Jesse D - I hate to be the bearer of bad news, if your divorce is contested its gonna cost more than $2500. Just a divorce attorney.

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Jesse - I just looked at your post again, only $2500 in attorney fees for three years?? That is ElCheapo.

wtf said...

A girl I worked with actually did get married on her lunch hour.

Jesse D said...

sistermaryhotpantz (your name is hysterical btw) - LOL I was just broke for the first two and a half years. Those fees - just within the last six months. And yes, that asshat is sure to cost me an arm and a damn leg to get rid of him. He's after me for alimony!!!! And we have a child (that I have custody of)!!! I was stupid enough to support him for eight years.... Marriage should be outlawed until you're at least 30. Period. Or maybe it's just me. Hell no, it's not just me. Most of my friends are divorced, and they married in their early twenties.

mandythegreat said...

Hell, I got married both times when my intended had a Friday off (courthouses aren't open on Saturdays).

I don't DO weddings, especially after seeing so many friends go broke on paying for a wedding, only to divorce a couple of years later. What a waste.

At least if my marriage goes down the shitter, I'll have only blown 65 bucks on it.

Elle said...

All I know is she sucked on AI last night. All the mixed up he's and she's (I'm fine w/you changing it to fit the sex of the singer, just get it consistent!)


Elle said...

"it" being the song... ;-)

duncanpowers said...

her second wedding... to a woman?


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