Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Photos Part One

One of the best people in the whole world. Alexis Bledel.
Bryan Adams - Amsterdam

Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal both look great. Don't know about the movie though.

For all of the fans of Lipstick Jungle here is David Basche
Despite having an awful brother, Jason Davis is actually a pretty nice guy and I hope he gets his life back on track.
Isiah Thomas managed not to sexually harass anyone while bowling. He is such an ass.
From American Idol to doing Oscar Mayer promotions is Elliott Yamin.
It has been awhile since I saw Emme and she looks really good.
Daniel Craig on the set of the new James Bond film.
"I'm f**king Ben Affleck."
Is there anyone in the world who doesn't like Neil Patrick Harris? Damn I am being nice today huh?
Leighton Meeser on the set of Gossip Girl. This is a great photo.
What the hell was Rick Hilton doing on the way to this event? Damn he is a mess.
When I saw this photo of Jenny McCarthy, I swear I thought she was remaking The Weakest Link.
Your Vegas - New York City
I'm just taking a wild ass guess here, but I think Terry Cruise likes to work out in his spare time.
Sandi Thom - London
Will she be Mrs. George Clooney?
Hard to believe someone would actually marry Mike Tyson.


jax said...

LOl @ the Queen.
she totally would the dirty old bird.

Alpine Summer said...

Jax, I would think Matt Damon is more her style. Ben would be too lazy for her.

Chatty said...

Oh but Alpine, you know how she must love to be in charge.

captivagrl said...

which hilton is a mess?

Anonymous said...

Entie, you start the booze early today? Your spelling is way off. Lol at the Queen though.

lyz said...

GROSSSSSSSSSSS! Terry Cruise looks like he had tennis balls implanted in his arms. What is he taking???

Irishstayc said...

Wow - pre happy hour buzz today Enty? You are awfully nice today LOL
Bryan Adams- still Huge Jackass
Maggie G - looks good for once - surprisingly
Emme - she was ill for a while - can't remember what it was but she looks spectacular in this pic YAY
The Queen - Almost spit my gatorade (i have the flu..uggghhh) on my laptop with that one. That was awesome!
Love love love neil patrick harris LOVE HIM!
Terry Cruise - steroids much? do men think that looks attractive?? Ladies - does that gross you out as much as it grosses me out? Ugh!

Good pics today EL

jax said...

i hear ya Lyz, i find a gym bunnie to be a total turnoff.
i like my men a bit on the average/ stocky side.
or a bear as DNFROMMN would know *wink

holla for friday peeps!!!

Kristen S. said...

Rick Hilton looks just as bad as Bruce Jenner

Twisted Sister said...

Jenny McCarthy looks good.

Rick Hilton looks like he's on drugs.

Is Terry Cruise related to Tom? Because they're both so buff.

Christian heart be still.

Elliott Yamin - I heart you, but huh?

Irishstayc said...

Friday Holla is right Jax... at least now i have the weekend to get over this hideous flu - and oh yeah as for the Mrs Clooney... I won't even discuss my George marrying that trash... plus he would have to pay 50 grand from that bet he has with whatsername and he wouldn;t want to do that...right? Of course he's probably spent twice that amount on her already tho

rakemama said...

Christian Bale and Daniel Craig? Ent, have you been reading my diary?

Gayla said...

Elliot! He is sitting with kids, I assumed it some charitable event or something on those lines. I'm undecided on how I feel about his hat.

Brenda22 said...

Love Alexis Bledel. She's so beautiful.
How does a guy go from her to Hayden Penettiere? ugh.

sunny said...

Alexis Bledel is so pretty. Eat your heart out heartless Milo.

God, I miss Gilmore Girls.
I'm going to take a moment to rant about Gilmore Girls, if you will pardon me.

What were those writers thinking? Luke over Christopher? No effing way. Chris always laughed with Lorelai and 'got' her. Luke rolled his eyes and never had a clue what she was talking about. Chris had a life and accomplishments, while Luke inherited his diner and had never gone anywhere or done anything interesting. The writers could have at least given him a past military career, where he could have traveled the world, gained some experience, and actually earned his 'manly' designation.
Chris was abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous, while the most you could say for Luke was that he had broad shoulders. Luke didn't watch movies, read books, watch tv, have a hobby other than fishing-geez, the writers had their head up their asses, for real.

The very idea that Lorelai would choose Luke over Chris is ludicrous, as written. I stil gnash my teeth when I think about it.

Carla said...

Does anyone else think that George's Sarah looks like a man in this shot?

Lainey has a series of blurred shots and even in the close ups, it looks like a man, man.

jax said...

carla i think shes one of those girls who looks WORSE with a shitload of makeup on ie. Jen Garner. she looked great at the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

why is anyone modeling a bathing suit like that? All it does is make a person look wide-hipped and flat-chested? It's beyond unflattering.

silas said...

If you had shown me the pic of Bryan Adams and asked me who it was, I would've asked you why the hell Owen Wilson is on stage playing a guitar...

Leah said...

I love Emme, but that dress is a terrible look on her. She usually dresses herself really well, so I chalk this up to a stylist who hates big women.

francesca fiore said...

Sunny, you are hilarious. I totally agree.

Also, silas, you beat met to it, I was wondering if Bryan Adams's crew had some special "Owen Wilson Lighting" because he looks less nightmare-inducing than normal.

Weird how Robin Givens is still showing up to things- the last thing I remember about her was a small part in that Chris Rock as President movie.

In twenty years Colin Firth can play the lead role in "I'm Just Going To Stay As Drunk As Possible, It's My Only Defense- The Rick Hilton Story".

Miss X said...

Sunny, I totally agree! I smiled just seeing Alexis.

And L & L really didn't make much sense. I think the writers just catered to the noisy fans who wanted them together.

duncanpowers said...

Speaking of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, weren't there implications that one of them had knocked their Mexican mistress/nanny/something up, wanted to raise the baby, and we were to look out for pregnancy announcements? They announced the Damons were pregnant this week, and I've heard nary a peep about it back here....

sunny said...

hee hee, thanks guys.

And I forgot a couple: can you imanine Luke fucking Lorelai on the balcony of her parents house, or taking her to Paris and marrying her on the spur of the moment?

I didn't think so.

No imagination, I tell ya, none.

bionic bunny! said...

SO love neil patrick harris! love barney, loved doogie, even loved him on his failed sitcom that i can't remember the name of.

re the queen: great comment!!

Harriet Hellfire said...

Aaaahahahahahahahaaaa...the queen comment. Soda water came out of my nose. Let me tell you, people...that HURTS!

Brenda22 said...

I had the same thought. I was waiting for ENT to post something about the pregnancy announcement. But she does have a baby bump and unless it's a fake (weirder things have happened in Hoewood) she looks pregnant to me.

J said...

It's Terry Crews! Not Cruise.

notvotingforsuckno said...

I wanna believe that Damon's fug wife is wearing one of those faux bellies ala Julia Louis Dreyfus on Arrested Development.

neonlimelight said...

Rooory! It's so nice to see Alexis out and about!

Molly said...

ahhhh now we know there's going to be a breakfast at tiffanys ending on gossip girl. :0(

Molly said...

ahhhh now we know there's going to be a breakfast at tiffanys ending on gossip girl. :0(


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