Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Photos Part One -- From Yesterday

Most of the time I forget that Blogger is free. Then when something happens like yesterday and I can't upload photos, I realize I have no one to bitch at. An additional problem is I can't remember what the hell I was going to say yesterday about all of them. It is pretty damn difficult to be this bad at humor without Blogger complicating it. So, if I can remember what I was going to say I will say it, otherwise you will get what Kneepads Magazine would have said about the photo. Got it?

Now, before I continue. On Sunday, Mischa Barton went to the In-N-Out I normally patronize. I find this an abomination and cannot be allowed to continue. I am guessing that someone somewhere took a photo of her there. Please put your skills to get use and find me a photo of her there. There is something I need to do with that photo. Now, on with the photos.

Kneepads Magazine- Despite his recent separation from his gorgeous wife, Brendan Fraser finds time to model bracelets and watches for a charity that relocates homeless Eskimos to countries bordering the Equator.
I love Annie Lennox. Love her. And if you don't, you suck. But, she was promoting a book and a CD entitled sing and yet she didn't sing. WTF is up with that?
Honestly. Have you ever seen a bigger shiny spot than the one on Angie Harmon's head. I know it is hard to see her head with that spot. Damn it is big.
Kneepads Magazine - Leaving her beloved husband Michael Douglas home for the evening, Catherine Zeta Jones shows off her flawless beauty in an ensemble that was timeless and elegant all at the same time.
Yes. That is a cop, and yes that is a real gun.
Collective Soul - Atlanta
When I am Governor of California, my second act after making prostitution legal, will be to ban the male offspring of any celebrity under the age of 10 from having hair lower than their collar. That is all.
Beyonce takes her turn at Rizzo.
Kneepads Magazine - Lindsay Lohan and her (you can insert close friend, trainer, whatever) Samantha Ronson spend some time doing what girls love doing most. Shopping.
When her mouth is closed, there are times that I can see that Julia Roberts is indeed beautiful.
Jonas Armstrong. I got nothing. I am sure some of you will want to take him home with you though.
Does Guy Pierce look a little like Jimmy Fallon doing Guy Pierce?
Kneepads Magazine - Emma Watson who attended the event without her loving parents, spoke at length about what a positive influence they are on her life and how they even help choose who she should date. She loves that about them.
So 34 years old dating a 19 year old? That must be true love huh?
If a brand new $100,000 Porsche means you have a two inch dick, what size does Simon Cowell have with a $1M car?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding is now Fairly Hot Chick From Southern California. Amazing what money can do huh?
Naomi Judd is obviously looking for work. Please won't you help?


Anonymous said...

TR Knight + Friend = hello gay golddigger. TR's gonna get his heart broken.

BAD said...

God how I've missed Robin Hood and Jonas Armstrong....

Jewels said...

Judging by that handhold, I'm guessing T.R.'s the bottom in this relationship.

I suppose he could be a young gold digger, it could be, ahem, love... I mean, my mom is on her third marriage, and they just keep getting younger and younger. My new step-dad is only 4 years younger than me... ;)
(and no, I'm NOT KIDDING!)

Jesse D said...

Brendan Fraser was hot once upon a very, very long time ago.

Totally agree with the "long-haired son" comment. Sick of looking at all the pretty little "gals".

LOL at Emma and Simon. Your snark is spot-on today, Ent. Love it.

sloanegal said...

Does anyone really believe CZJ is 38? Is that like in dog years? She looks good for 48 though.

Kristen S. said...

That'd be Guy Pearce.

Reese said...

Cindy Crawford's son is gorgeous and has hair a lot of women would kill for, but I do wish she'd take him to the barber.

califblondy said...

OMG, I thought Brendan was Tom Green. LOL. Who would have ever thought those two would resemble each other??

I just read CZJ's age the other day and I thought WTF? Fifteen years ago, Lorrie Morgan and I were the same age, but somehow I've got her beat by a few years now. I guess CZJ is holding steady in her 30's? Puhleeze.

Twisted Sister said...

Emma Watson, honey, learn how to buy shoes that GO with the dress.

Uber*nought said...

I never never understand society's weird obsession with making boys have short hair as if having long hair is sissy or unmanly. People, you are being brainwashed. Not only are you bracketing boys but you're dissing girls by looking down on long hair as weak and girly. It's not.

Grow up and appreciate people for who they are, The Ent Lawyer hates all boys and men anyway and naturally hates a good-looking young guy.

Oh and naturally TR Knight's boyfriend just HAS to be a golddigger. Even though nobody knows him. Again, too much assumption.

Twisted Sister said...

Uber, you really need to find a different blog. You're just miserable here.

jax said...

dayum i just dont understand whiny people on a gossip site. i mean HELLO?

cut that kids hair for jebus sake or and pick up Ryder and your lil weird freind Renee Dion.

Twist i was just going to say the same thing,girl is gonna see that pic in about 5 years and cringe.

I don't think age matters in Gaytown,unless you are a senator or a preacher.

Brendan Fraser freaks me out. please reveal a blind so i can at least be in peace with his freakishness.

damn that isn't a cop ittttt's PAT!

Stacy said...

WTF is going on with Brendan Fraser's head? Is that normal?

I think Cindy Crawford's little boy is absolutely beautiful. Why does every boy have to have short hair? Most males look great with some hair.

jax said...

stacy- because i said so. i love it when the parents then complain that 'he never lets me cut it'

lets you? scissors and half an ativan and that kid wont remeber having hair. sorry lil boys with long hair is my new pet peeve.
well that and Brenda Frasers bad plugs.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Its the inevitable revolt against the crew cut.

Lisa said...

I feel like Brendan Fraser HAS to be the answer to a recent blind item...

bionic bunny! said...

never liked the long hair on boys, even when it was REALLY in. on some guys, collar length if the whole look meshes.
then again, i like my hair really, really short (i'd shave my head this week, if mr. bunny didn't seriously object), because i have t-tops on my car and i swim a lot. but then i always look like some big ol' lesbian-not that that's a bad thing.

surfer said...

jax said... because i said so. lets you? scissors and half an ativan and that kid wont remeber having hair.

Oh Jax, you are hot today! That had to be one of the funniest comebacks I've read in a while. And you're 100% right - who's the parent. One of my friends has a daughter (10) who wears her hair so short, that EVERYONE thinks she's a boy - he said he keeps telling her to let it grow, but she wants it that way. Go figure.

Amber said...

CZJ has been looking damn good (well, even better than usual) for the past while. Has she gotten another nip/tuck?

Jerry said...

Catherine Zeta Jones shows off her flawless beauty in an ensemble that was timeless and elegant all at the same time.

Sounds like someone's taking writing lessons from Mr. Blackwell.

__-__=__ said...

Since when did a piece of fabric become a dress?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

What the heck happened to Brendan Fraser? It better be because he's doing another movie. If not, .....*cries*.


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